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  • The Importance Of Life In The Continental Army

    The life in the Continental Army Was Life in Continental Army hard? Life was very hard in the army it was a harsh time for the men that were in there. The Continental Army was formed after the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War by the colonies that became the United States of America. Life in the Continental Army consisted of many events, battles and also affected the lives of the soldiers. The Continental Army consisted of soldiers from all 13 colonies and after 1776, from all 13 states. When the American revolutionary war began at the battles of Lexington and Concord April 19th 1775, the colonial revolutionaries did not have an army. The army consisted of 26 company regiments which included New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut soon raised similar but smaller forcers. As the Continental Congress increasingly adopted the responsibilities and posture of a legislature for a sovereign state, the role of the Continental Army became the subject of considerable debate. Soldiers in the Continental Army were citizens who had volunteered to serve in the army (but were paid), and at various times during the war, standard enlistment periods lasted from one to three years. Congress set the quota for regiments for each of the thirteen states that would make up the national army and all complied. Massachusetts and Virginia each raised fifteen regiments with 800 men complements per each. Sparsely populated Delaware provided one regiment. Although Georgia and South…

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  • Valley Forge: Would I Have Reenlisted In The Continental Army?

    Terrible living conditions, few necessities and surviving in freezing weather with little assistance. Sounds like how the United States government treats some homeless citizens. However these are the hardships the Colonial soldiers at Valley Forge had to endure with little chance of a successful outcome. After failed attempts by the Continental Army during the American Revolution in New York and Boston, the soldiers lead by Washington decided to establish a winter camp at Valley Forge. Unaware…

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  • The Continental Army In Patrick Paine's The Crisis

    Currently it is in the middle of the American Revolution and the Continental Army have suffered loss after loss. George Washington and his men are fighting at Saratoga and is the lowest part of war for them, but George then decided to have Patrick Paine’s “The Crisis” read out loud to his men constantly. It is the Pathos statements in Paine’s writing that motivates the Continental Army to keep fighting and win one of the first major battles of the war and this then lead to the aid of the French…

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  • Alexander Hamilton's Letter Analysis

    College (now Columbia University), earning a bachelor’s of arts degree in just one year. Later, Hamilton joined the Continental Army and gained the respect of General Nathaniel Greene. Green put in a good word for Hamilton and George Washington moved Hamilton to being his personal secretary, which is what he was at the time he wrote this letter. Then, Hamilton was elected to be a member of the Continental Congress in 1782 and was named First Secretary of the Treasury during George Washington’s…

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  • A Narrative Of A Revolutionary Soldier Summary

    On September 15, 1776 British warships took their position on Kip’s Bay. Their intentions were to protect a flotilla of boats that were transporting 4,000 British soldiers to Manhattan. American soldiers under the command of Colonel William Douglas put up a weak resistance before they crumbled and ran. General Washington, who witnessed the spectacle from a hilltop, attempted to reorganize the Patriot lines to no avail. General Rufus Putnam gathered the Continental troop and marched them toward…

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  • George Washington's Role In Ending The American Revolution

    George Washington George Washington was 67 years old when he died. He was the commander in chief of the continental army. He began his career in the Virginia Militia. George Washington played an vital role in the American revolution. During the American Revolution, he led the colonial forces to a win over the British and became an American hero. Over the course of the gruesome eight-year war, the colonial forces won very few battles but consistently held their own against the British. In October…

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  • The Importance Of Smallpox's Role In The American Revolution

    impact on African Americans and Native Americans. On June 14, 1775, the Second Continental Congress created the Continental Army and appointed George Washington as commander of all Continental troops (Muelhbauer, 2110). When he took over the command, he molded the Continental Army along British lines to create a force that could help win the battle. One of the Army he focused on more was the troop outside Boston because they lacked training, drill, or experience in conventional operations. Due…

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  • Why George Washington's Was Important To US History

    General and Commander-In-Chief of the continental army . In order to have a balance they elected George Washington because he had military experience, and will do what he can at his best at no cost. He led the volunteers in its incredible defeat against the most powerful military in the world, Great Britain. I will show his importance by examining the Battle of Trenton, and the Battle of Monmouth. On May 10, 1775 it was a day where Massachusetts militiamen and mountain boys gathered together to…

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  • George Washington Generalship

    Empire. Without Washington’s leadership, America would not be able to become independent. On June 14, 1755, the Second Continental Congress appointed George Washington as the commander of the Continental Army. However, there were a lot of problems Washington need to solve in order to win the war. First of all, only one-third of the colonists want a war for independence.…

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  • The Opening Scene In The Crossing By George Washington

    In the opening scene of The Crossing, one can see the Continental Army trudging through the woods in the roughly cold December winter with their commander George Washington. George Washington is shown upon a horse giving commands like telling Alexander Hamilton and the rest of the army to leave a cannon behind and to keep moving. This film was an original A&E developed in 1999 for television production, but is still relevant to history today. It is often showed in a classroom setting because it…

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