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  • Nursing In The Future

    response, nurses need to continue their education and keep a good outlook of the nursing future. Continuing Education In majority of the states, nurses are…

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  • Michiana Behavioral Health Center Observation

    Worker or LCSW among more licenses. The clinical director stated that she supervised programs, activities, and education. She informed us about a military insurance called Tricare that they accept. Insurance defines the length of time a client stays which may include from a couple of days to several months. They accept Tricore or military insurance too. The facility provides treatment for children, youth, and adults. Treatment…

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  • Freshman Year Essay

    after twenty-one years in this country, and continuing my education to become a professional in the future. It has never been easy but I was able to push through all the obstacles put in my way to accomplish every goal I’ve set for myself. Life is a never ending game. I have to insure that I take the challenge on correctly and hope to only improve with every move. I’m sure I will with all the amazing teachers I have to help me learn how to approach everything properly. From my…

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  • Myself For Nursing School

    In nursing school or any School for that matter you Read and Read and Read some more. In nursing school we are responsible for reading our textbooks and researching in magazines and medical journals to understand what we are being taught. But the one thing they don 't explain in nursing school is that after graduation and all is said and done you don 't stop learning and reading and teaching The North Carolina Board of Nursing requires that you complete a specified number of continuing…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Correctional Officer

    instill that no profession is worth my soul and making the appropriate ethical decision can be a traumatic experience. It all started when I arrived to work on that summer night in June of 2011, being assigned as a swing shift sick relief officer would place me anywhere in the prison. On that night, my duty would require me to work in the Reception Center (RC), a highly volatile unit in the institution. Everything…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird Human Inequality Analysis

    story is very unlikely to be true because Tom is crippled from his left arm, which makes it hard to have raped and abused her because Mayella injuries show that the person who hit her it is left handed. Also, Mayella is also changing her story and showing signs that Tom didn’t rape her. Although Atticus proved the judge that he was innocent, Tom was still convicted guilty …

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  • Leadership Style At Applied Research Technologies Inc Case Study

    examples of his behavior. As a general manager of the Filtration Unit of Applied Research Technologies (ART), Peter Vyas notices that his teamwork had worked hard diligently to get his project on the right track successfully. The goal of his plan is to reconstruct a mini water-oxidation product. In spite of having two failures to reach the outcomes of this plan over past three years, his team still has good potential to make their goal happens. He never loses his strong interest and enthusiasm,…

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  • Three Peer Transition

    Through the last Month all three Peer Transition/ Diversion specialists have attended the five day Recovery Coach certification training and completed this successfully on 5/11, 5/12, 5/18, and 5/19. The Medical clearance for the three Peer Transition/ Diversion specialists has been completed for Catskill regional, but still waiting for the Justice center clearance to finally be a part of the Behavioral Health Unit. During this past month the three Peer Transition/ Diversion specialist has…

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  • Case Study: Get In Touch With A Property Attorney To Review Your Lease

    1. Get in touch with your attorney to review your lease. I suspect that the property owner knows the a/c unit is about to expire and the property owner is planning to stiff you with the bill of a new unit. The property owner stated if you do not change the filters, you are responsible for replacing the unit. I questioned why the a/c was being inspected now and not when you originally signed the lease. No answer was given. When you were speaking about the summer heat it sound like a motor…

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  • Corrections And Rehabilitations Case Study

    Subject was received into the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations (CDCR) on February 16, 2000 for burglary in the 1st as a third striker. Subject arrived at CCI on July 7, 2015. Subject will be housed in Administrative Segregation Unit (ASU) placement in Facility A Housing Unit 6 cell B 106L, for self-expressed safety concerns. Subject explained that he was assigned as a porter in Facility A Housing Unit 3, and that Officer Lopez caught him with a kite/note that he was…

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