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  • Personal Narrative: The Strength Of American Nurses

    “Heartless” Strength of American Nurses Have you ever thought about how hard it is to be a nurse? How emotionally difficult it is to have a patient die in your care? Nurses do more than most people realize, they have no time to mourn every patient's death because there is always someone else who is going to need their full attention. Some may say nurses are heartless, I know I did. To be a nurse is to be mentally strong. Based on my personal experiences I have come to see that American nurses are amazingly strong. Are You Okay? It was 8:30 when the paramedics left the ER to respond to a call about an unresponsive 3- month- old baby. At 8:49 the nurses were tending to patients and eating breakfast; a paramedic’s voice came over the the ER radio saying, “Unresponsive 3- month- old female…” that was all I heard before the doctor started barking demands and the nurses scurried to the back room. The nurse I had been shadowing told me to stand in the corner and watch and that I did. Moments later two male…

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  • Error Resolution Case Study

    No deficiencies noted. Leadership: Dana provides innovative strategies for improvement of job functions within the Error Resolution (ER) unit. She can be relied upon when facing distractions and obstacles. Problem Solving/Judgment: Dana identifies complex problems on criminal history reporting from various law enforcement/judicial agencies as well as inquiries within the department. She gathers and assesses relevant information that should be brought to the attention of management.…

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  • Reflection On Katrina Andrews

    to the client, not what you perceive to be the biggest problem. Sometimes the client will not always voice what their biggest problem is, which is why it takes keen observation and open ended questions to discover the client’s real need(s). My personal goals for next week at CC4C are: I will ask my preceptor about the ways, if any, to provide input into being a part of providing education before going to the first visit. If acceptable to preceptor, I will ask my client, one question about her…

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  • Rewarding In Nursing

    The most rewarding part of nursing is to be able to help people as a career. However, it is not always as nice as it sounds to be. I was stroked with an event during my clinical rotation in the last year of my nursing school 1993 that influenced my decision making in my nursing career. A 7 year old boy was brought to ER who was a severe burning victim with no one inch of normal skin. The kid, coming from a very low income family, suffered from the burning accident in a concrete trash house came…

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  • Reflection Of The Interview Journal

    Later in 2012 my husband and I filled bankruptcy. My husband blamed me a lot for this because of the huge pay cut I had taken. We went from being able to purchase three to four hundred dollars of groceries to maybe fifty dollars of groceries every couple of weeks. Three years after starting work with Dr. Sheila Hill my hours started being cut. I went two weeks without working and no pay. I knew there was no way I could take this kind of pay cut. On the days I had off I would go around town…

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  • Baby ER Summary

    Baby ER by Edward Humes is a detailed book that carefully illustrates the experiences of nurses, specialists, physicians, patients, and loved ones while encountering a variety of different circumstances in the NICU. NICU is an abbreviation for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in a hospital. NICUs are nurseries within hospitals that supply continuous care to ill or premature babies. The nurses and other health care workers are trained to provide the best possible care in order for these infants…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of ER Overcrowding

    Description of The Project ER overcrowding is usual in all countries. Clients have to wait hours before being checked by a physician and much longer prior to being moved to an inpatient bed (Freeman, 2012). The outcome is not simply troublesomeness but rather a degradation of the quality of care, clients’ well-being is compromised, staff self-confidence is reduced, and the cost of care is risen (Sayah et al., 2014). Currently the hospital where I work is facing big problems and we all trying our…

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  • I Want To Become An ER Doctor

    My entire life my goal has been to become an ER doctor. I absolutely love to learn especially when it comes to science or music and I have many extracurricular activities that help keep me occupied. I plan on attending an elite four year university and then completing my time at medical school. I want to participate in this program for many reasons that all will benefit me as a person and my future. Throughout my life my family and I have endured many obstacles and challenges that we did not let…

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  • The ER That Became The Emergency Case Study

    In the case of The ER that Became the Emergency, we are introduced to Ralph, a CEO at Community Memorial Hospital (CMH), and his financial officer, Bill. Here are the key findings from the information we were provided: • CMH is a private not-for-profit hospital • City Hospital is responsible for providing care to indigent people and receives money from the government to do so • Patient traffic has dramatically increased in the last 2.5 months for CMH • Most new patients are indigent people who…

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  • Timmy's Short Story: ER At Home

    After stepping off the Nancy, Timmy wandered into the depot's restraurant. In all the commotion surrounding Archie's heart attack, no one paid attention to the little five-year-old who'd climbed into a corner booth, curled up, and fell asleep. Timmy was lost without Archie to tell him what to do. Those who did notice the sleeping boy assumed his parents were probably around the depot somewhere. After Jake saw that Timmy was safely under Archie's care, he was returning home to pack for…

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