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  • California Drought Crisis

    Disaster Mitigation California is facing its fifth year in drought. (Center, 2016) The drought is estimated to cost the state of California $600 million dollars and 4,700 jobs this year. This is better compared to last year’s cost but still a significant amount. What could help California during this time and in the future would be to incorporate disaster mitigation strategies during recovery phase and to find methods to help reduce the impact or occurrences of droughts. Mitigation includes risk reduction, loss minimization, or the alleviation of potential negative impacts associated with disasters. (McEntire, 2011) A drought is a long period of abnormally low rainfall, lasting up to several years. ("the definition of drought", 2016) Without…

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  • History Of The California Constitution

    So many things transpired between 1850 and 1900 when we talk about the history of the United States. The Civil War (1861-1865) alone is full of significant events that usually fill our history books. Slavery was prevalent and resulted in violation of human and civil rights. In California, started to advocate for statehood, and civil leaders who wanted to develop a growing region and also to gain power were so excited to have a new civil government. Thus, the California Constitution was drafted…

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  • Overcrowding In California Essay

    introduced to the shrewd, cold business of incarceration and its terrible effects on our lives as well as the lives of many other Californians. Little did I know that at the same time a bigger and more promising company was making their entry into California. They are known as the Private prisons of America. California began using private prisons as an immediate solution to deal with massive overcrowding. Instead of using privatized prisons to eliminate overcrowding, the state should consider…

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  • California Winter Effects

    Studies show that in the 2011-2012 winter season, the state of California received nearly 300 inches less snowfall than it did the previous winter. While many of California’s dry winters are a direct result of ridges off of the west coast, climatologists suggest the drop in precipitation during the 2011-2012 winter was due to below average sea surface temperatures, or La Niña (Seager et al.). La Niña is the result of cooling sea surface temperatures that lead to an overall temperature of the…

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  • Essay On California Drought

    Drought in California A drought is a period of abnormally low rainfall. This is the situation central california is suffering at the moment. This is very alarming considering that a lot of crops are grown in the central valley for example cotton, cotton is not a plant we eat but we need it to make clothes. If this continues thousands of people are going to lose their jobs and food is going to go up in price. This will dramatically affect the state economy considering that people are going to…

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  • California Drought Case Study

    Ans. 1. Governor’s ethical justification is driven by continued decrease in water resources in California due to unfavorable weather conditions. The executive order 2016 (in continuity to previous executive orders) states that the water levels have not crossed the required levels due to the limited amount of rain and snowfall. This had a direct impact on the state rivers, underground basins and reservoirs. The drought has increased the scarcity of drinking/ potable water. Agricultural production…

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  • Cultural Diversity In California

    From the very beginning, California has been a place associated with uniqueness and great diversity. It has been said that within the confines of California can be found much of the best and worst of all forty-nine other states combined. Large scale migration has greatly contributed to the phenomenon, as has the diverse climate of the state. Consequently, it is safe to say that California has something to offer to every single person. What makes California so different from the rest of the…

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  • David Faraday: The Horror In California

    The horror in California began on Friday, December 20, 1968 in the city of Vallejo when sixteen-year-old Betty Lou Jensen and seventeen-year-old David Faraday were killed while out on a date. According to Haugen (2011), they had driven to a remote lover’s lane on Lake Herman Road. While they were parked, a vehicle stopped nearby and the driver got out, shot out the rear passenger window of David Faraday’s station wagon, and then shot the left rear tire. The man proceeded to shoot Faraday…

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  • Analysis Of The Mission Period Of Northern California

    During the mission period of Northern California, specifically around the missions of the Bay Area, there has been a great amount of research done into uncovering the archaeology of the resistance and level of assimilation undergone by the Natives who lived or were involved with the missions at the time. Over course of these investigations much evidence has been found that shows a level of integration for the individual was present in this time period at the missions in order for the native…

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  • California Gold Rush

    The manifest destination during the nineteenth century was the beliefs of an expansion of the American power. The acquisition of other national territories or lands brought some several factors involving the expansion of economic growth that would lead the United States to become one of the most powerful countries in the world. One of the most significant events during the period of manifest destination was when California, which once it had been a territory of Mexico, became a state of the…

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