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  • Personal Narrative: My Letter To Barry University

    As I am writing this letter, I recognize my chance of successfully appealing is statistically against my favor. Like many students who received the same letter, I did feel disappointed. With a beautiful campus situated a few miles from the beach, with world-class professors and a learning environment capable of inspiring students to be greater, I can understand why there is high demand to attend such a remarkable institution. From visiting the school, I see how this campus can be any student's dream school and this is why I cannot squander the opportunity to write this candid letter. I have to give this one more shot. To be honest, when I began freshman year at Barry University I had no idea what I wanted to study. I was far away from home, in Miami, to begin my college life. Granted,…

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  • South L. A. Student Finds A Different World At Cal By Kurt Streeter

    The article “South L.A. student finds a different world at Cal” written by Kurt Streeter was a true story of Kashawn Campbell, who was struggling in his first English writing class at the University of California, Berkeley (“UC Berkeley”), one of the best public universities in the US. Campbell was raised in one of the roughest neighborhoods in South Los Angeles, Jefferson, where composed of Latinos and blacks exclusively. Campbell was determined at his early age to make a change of his life…

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  • Social Context Approach

    to try to understand what students need and in order to take advantage of this space, we have to observe how they use it, what do they use it for, at what times, etc., and this is what the social context approach does. To be able to create a fully functional, successful design we must limit who can actually design the place. This is where the idea of social competency comes in; people who use this and know what students need should be the ones to decide what the place needs. Now, there might be…

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  • Who Is George Claude Pimentel's Contribution To Chemistry?

    There are numerous scientists who have positively impacted the field of Chemistry; from Robert Bunsen to George Washington Carver, chemists have and continue to shape the publics knowledge of Chemistry. However, one chemist stands out from all the rest because of his historical, societal, and person significance: George Claude Pimentel. Pimentel’s life, work, and contribution to Chemistry have shaped this field and impacted it in ways that other scientists have not. Background George Claude…

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  • Uc Davis Relationship Fair Analysis

    “UC Davis Career and Internship Fair” This fall I started my journey with UC Davis. Davis is a really exciting, new and challenging chapter in my life. I moved from San Mateo, where I lived with my fiancée, to an apartment in Davis where I live on my own. Starting new school, and being surrounded by many new faces is not easy. I am not a person who can easily meet and connect with new people. UC Davis offers a lot of events for its students, some of them are very exciting like the…

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  • Trevor Lynskey Character Traits

    Trevor Lynskey is a very joyful and easy-going dance teacher at Lincoln HIgh School. He is an alumnus of the University of Santa Barbara, majoring in dance. Mr. Lynskey is a quite cheerful and relaxed person. He was quite enthusiastic while talking about his time in college. He is the type of person who likes to focus on the good times even when a situation is looking like it’s going down. He is very encouraging to his students and loves to help them better themselves. Growing up isn’t exactly…

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  • Four Year College Scholarship Essay

    UC Riverside, Fresno State, San Francisco State University and West Hills Community College. Thinking about where I wanted to go was very overwhelming and stressful. I was only seventeen going on eighteen and I had to start thinking about what I wanted to do with my life, it felts as if I was running out of time. I come from a hispanic family that has dedicated their time…

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  • Personal Narrative: Moving To My Family

    We didn't live in a house nor an apartment, but we did live in my aunt's living room for about eight months or so. It was really uncomfortable because when they had people over I felt their judgmental eyes on us while we were barely waking up. I look back to those days and reflect on how life was and that's when it hits me. In order for me not to end up like that again, getting an education was the only way for me to not go back to those terrifying moments. As a matter of fact, after high…

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  • Hydraulic Fracking Pros And Cons

    oppositions have different opinions. For instance, the companies she interviewed disregard the potential damages from fracking and state that it is safe and “there is little evidence that water supplies have been contaminated.” However, the people of California disagree with this and have taken action into their own hands. What is Hydraulic Fracking? Hydraulic fracking is the process…

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  • Example Of Narrative Essay On Kfc

    lots of cleaning. He had to clean the Truck, the toilets, the kitchen, dishes and everything else in the whole fire station. Since he was the new guy he did actually have to cook a lot of the meals, which he didn 't mind because he had always been a team player and a relatively good cook. When he was done with all of his duties he would work out and station 187 has a great gym. It has all of the things you could ever do to work out. So Adam would do 30 minutes of cardio and the 1 hour of…

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