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  • Why Is Ordering Wrong

    requires taking phone calls and engaging in conversations with customers. Knowing I had to take their order by phone made me a bit anxious at first. It is something scary to do, but it is also very simple with practice. In order to complete a successful phone call order, one has to answer the phone and greet the customer, ask for their contact information and location, take the customer’s order, ask for their payment method, and finally give them their order’s estimated time of arrival or pick up time. The first step in taking an order through phone is to pick up the phone. For me, this was the hardest part. Hearing the phone ring would give me anxiety. Once you answer the phone, you have to greet the customer by saying, “Hi, thank you for calling Chens and Old Crow, how may I help you?” The customer will then ask to place an order. You will ask them if for carry out or delivery. If the customer wishes to place a carryout order, you then tap the ‘carryout’ icon on the computer. If the customer wishes to place a delivery order, you tap on the ‘delivery’ icon. After selecting the customer’s order type, you then ask for their phone number. If they have ordered from us before, will have their address and name associated with their phone number. However, this isn’t always the case. If it is a carryout order, you just ask for their name. For a delivery order, you ask the customer for their address, apartment number and any directions for the drivers. After obtaining all the…

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  • The Importance Of The Pastoral Ministry

    playing bass. The music was very traditional, and I never connected with the music or the congregation like I had in previous churches. Furthermore, ministry in the south is drastically different than the north. The people in the south are much more personal and inquisitive, for lack of better words. My first ministry experience was not what I thought it would be. Honest self reflection made me address this calling for the first time in my life and I finally realized that my main weakness…

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  • My Calling Essay

    purposes, which requires faithful and active obedience, unwavering commitment, and devotion from the one called. (Robinson, N. (2014, January 28). God 's calling to missions is not authoritative the way the Scriptures are. The calling should never be challenged. Our calling is in our own heart. The calling is the work of God to bring our heart closer to conviction. This conviction is of God, and it delivers utter peace. Everyone is in search for their purpose in life. They need this purpose and…

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  • Classification Essay: Different Types Of Friends

    these may vary from person to person, the friend who you shared your childhood with, the friend who is always loyal, and the friend that is a mentor are the best types of friends that a person can possibly have. These are supported with personal experiences and background information. The first category, the friend who you shared your childhood with is the person you’ve been with for a while. They are the person where you share a common background. Growing up in the same neighborhood or…

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  • The Importance Of Beliefs In College

    no longer a duty for you. You are given the beginnings of personal freedom; you can choose to go out and party or study for a test, or decide to skip class or hang out with your friends. There are many temptations throughout college and if you’re not careful those temptations can prove to be to much even for those who grew up with the strongest Christian foundations. At most college and universities from the moment you walk in on your freshman year you are exposed to new ideas and people that…

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  • The Importance Of Personal Wholeness

    especially when it comes to intelligence in school. After going through this facet, lately, I have been trying to change my thinking from “I wish I was as smart as them” to “I’m just how God made me, and I am smart in different ways so there’s no use in comparing myself to this person. They have their strengths and I have mine” and so far, just reminding myself of this every time I compare myself to someone has already started to make a difference in my thinking. The next facet that we went…

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  • God At Work Veith Chapter 1 Analysis

    seeing “its faults and its weaknesses, are distracted by the ordinary folks who make up the typical church, and are easily disillusioned with the way it operates” (116). My separation from the church began when my mom was diagnosed with a mental illness and ended with a high-ranking member in the church who barely knew my mom making a comment about her soul being “condemned to hell” but there was still hope for me. In hindsight, I realize the person who said these hurtful things was human and…

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  • Understanding My Calling Essay

    easier with a sword.” It then occurred to me that I was the floppy fish. Instead of sharpening myself to be used by God, I was being beaten, bruised, and was causing a bloody mess. This is why understanding my calling is imperative to furthering the Kingdom of God. God has given each of us a unique calling. God created me, like everyone else, with a divine design that only I can fulfill – if I’m willing to be sharpened. God doesn’t leave us to squander – he helps us discover our calling by…

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  • Analysis Of The Upside Down Kingdom

    my voice to engage in the concept and calling of The Upside Down Kingdom. I further hope to engage the congregation, as well as individuals, in new ways of thinking about liberation, ethics, and justice. Within the context of the Abundant Life Center, I believe the true meaning of these words have been minimized or lack of direction given in our ministries. Kraybill states, for example, “Justice has become a worn out, hallow expression, an abstract and detached battle cry.” The congregation…

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  • The Importance Of My Spiritual Journey

    As I look over the vast experience’s which encompass my spiritual journey I am awe of God and how He has shaped my call into what it is today. There are times when we are bombarded with a plethora of questions. Am I truly called by God? Am I walking in my true calling? These questions, rather the answers to these questions allow us to press toward the high calling of Jesus Christ (Philippians 3:4). It is in this press, as the Apostle Paul calls it, we find the essence of our calling. It is…

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