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  • Analysis Of The Upside Down Kingdom

    I plan to create awareness, share information, and I hope to motivate people within the range of my voice to engage in the concept and calling of The Upside Down Kingdom. I further hope to engage the congregation, as well as individuals, in new ways of thinking about liberation, ethics, and justice. Within the context of the Abundant Life Center, I believe the true meaning of these words have been minimized or lack of direction given in our ministries. Kraybill states, for example, “Justice has become a worn out, hallow expression, an abstract and detached battle cry.” The congregation struggles, just as Kraybill stated much of society does with honoring the true implications of injustices that effect so many. The primary function of society becomes a reaffirmation, protection, and perpetuation of this “collective or common conscience.” I hope to provide the congregation with the opportunity to hear concepts in new and direct ways that reflect our true calling as a community of Christ, but further more as human beings. It is my hope to help open the eyes of the congregation to see the real needs of our community. Apostle Charles Neff said, “When I think of the mission of the Church, I am frequently compelled to recall the face of the poorest and most helpless person I have ever seen and ask myself if the program we are undertaking will be of any use to that person.” May this Praxis help us to look through that lens. Community of Christ is dedicated to upholding and…

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  • Improving Witness Identification

    For this week’s assignment, I decided to participate in the study titled, Improving Witness Identification by researchers Mitchell Seymour and Mai Trinh of Edith Cowan University. The “aim of this study is to investigate processes that underlie identification procedures in the criminal justice system” (Scott, 2015). This study is presented in the format of a questionnaire, which is “a valuable way of gathering information about large numbers of people. [T]he results of questionnaires can be…

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  • What Happened To Good People?

    It was a brisk summer morning in late August. The clouds were a dark shade of gray and were casting its shadow across the city of Cleveland, yet a ray of sunshine managed to squeeze its way past the darkness and onto Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. This day would change my life for years to come. “Paarth, wake up,” said my mom as she opened the blinds. The day had finally come. My eyes were filled with rheum from an eye infection I was dealing with, but that was not the problem that…

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  • Leisure Participation

    researchers doing the study are not going to know the real average of the population outcome because it is not using the population as a whole. Anyone can have “authority” to investigate a topic as long as they are able to back up their research with proof of evidence. The authors that worked together to for this study worked two different places. Author Alinta Oates worked for both, the Department of Occupational Therapy, School of Exercise, Biomedical and Health Sciences, Edith Cowan…

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  • Existentialism And Free Will

    According The Love of Wisdom existentialism is “a school of philosophy that rose to prominence in the mid- twentieth century, which denies that there is a fixed human nature. This implies that humans are radically free and must define life’s meaning in light of their own goals and desires. “(Cowan and Spiegel, 2009) Existentialism is the belief that our pure existence of being is free and only we can determine how our intentions develop. The main point of existentialism is freedom to be anything…

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  • Sexual Harassment Myths

    beliefs that are generally false but are widely and persistently held, and that serve to deny and justify male harassment of women” (Diehl, Glaser, & Bohner, 2014). Research suggests these myths can have negative consequences for individuals, families and workplaces when sexual harassment occurs (Hershcovis, Parker, & Reich, 2010). Diehl, Rees & Bohner (2012) classify sexual harassment into three categories; “unwanted sexual attention, gender harassment, and sexual coercion”. Generally unwanted…

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  • Universal Human Rights In Context

    Whether states agree or disagree is of little importance if the individual does not know he has rights. This is where cultural context comes into play but not as an excuse to deny rights but as the means to finding the best way to educate people about their rights. If the state is unwilling or unable to educate its population then the international community must step in to take the lead. Jennifer Corrin touches on the topic of education in her article “Cultural Relativism vs. Universalism: The…

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  • Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre Essay

    all through the straggling leftovers of the novel. Bessie, Miss Temple, and even Mrs. Fairfax watch over Jane and give her the fondness and heading that she needs, and she consequently takes care of Adele and the understudies at her school. Everything considered, Jane does not feel as though she has found her genuine family until the point when she fell in love with Mr. Rochester at Thornfield; he ends up being significantly more a related soul to her than any of her natural relatives could be.…

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  • Self-Identity And Decision-Making Process

    Self-identity relies largely on social circumstance, it is constructed through interactions between self and others, culture and society, time and space. First of all we should be clarifies the difference between self-identity and human nature. Human nature is enduring and stable compared to self-identity, whereas self-identity can be constantly changed according to the social environment. The belief of human nature can affect and change self-identity “Value” and “personality” are the two…

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  • Morality Of Pornography

    the relationship a sense of value. Therefore, the greater good would be to let those that desire to watch pornography do so if they choose to without ethical criticism. After all, every American has the right to practice their freedom of speech as the Constitution implies. To do any different would be unethical. However, there are ethical issues that can develop over people who consume themselves with pornography. Some may say that pornography is degrading and increases aggression. (Butler,…

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