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  • Analysis Of Haystack At Giverny By Vassily Kandinsky

    From this experience he published, “From Material on the Ethography of the Sysolsk and Vychegodsk Zyriane” outlining the pagan relics of the Finno-Urgic tribes. For his dissertation in law he wrote “On the Legality of Laborers’ Wages”, after which he was appointed to the Department of Law at the University of Moscow. After he viewed Claude Monet’s paintings at an Impressionist exhibit he began to question his goals in life and art as a past time turned into becoming an artist and he left the University of Moscow. He participated in many exhibitions including; the Moscow Artists Association in 1905, Salon de Independents in Paris in 1905 and 1914, International Salon in Odessa in 1910, Galerie Hans Goltz in Munich in 1912, Der Sturm in Berlin in 1912, Der Sturm in Berlin in 1912, Karo Bube in Moscow in 1912, Contemporary Painting in Yekalerenoder in 1912, Armory Show in New York in 1913, Kreis fur Kunst in Cologne in 1914, XIX Exibition of the All-Russian Central Exhibition Committee in Moscow in 1920, First Russian Art Exhibition at the Van Diemen Gallery in Berlin in 1922, his first one-man exhibition at the Socrete Anonyme in New York in 1925, Kandinsky (along with Klee, Jawlensky and Feininger) in the United States, Gallerie Zack in Paris in 1929, Cercie et Carre in Paris in 1930, Galerie des Cahiers d’Art in 1934, “Abstract and Concrete” in London in 1936, “Cubism and Abstract Art” in New York in 1936, Nazi exhibition at Degenerate Art in 1937, Stedelijk Museum in…

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  • Wassily Kandinsky Analysis

    lines could express different types of emotions.("Georges Seurat Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works.") When Seurat was 31 years old he became very sick and died. Image Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider) Wassily Kandinsky Oil on canvas This simple piece shows a lone rider racing across a landscape. In this painting, Wassily Kandinsky demonstrated a clear link to the work of the Impressionists, which is evident in the contrasts of light and dark on the sun…

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  • Inventions In Walt Hitler's Propaganda During World War II

    One prime example of this can be found from the loving, child icon, Walt Disney. Many of his cartoons and animations depicted Germans, Italian, and Japanese men, mostly soldiers, being viewed as brute, inhumane, and bad people. One cartoon titled, “Der Fuehrer’s Face,” illustrated Donald Duck being awoken in a strange, awful place called Nutziland. There a marching band of Germans, Italians, and Japanese march through the streets praising Der Fuehrer’s Face, also known as Hitler. Donald Duck…

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  • Analysis Of Gossip Girl

    successful person to look up to influences her decisions in life. She wants to take on her mother’s role as a fashion designer and become the head of the company. She is extremely studious because she desires to attend Yale. Serena’s goal is to attend Brown but does not realize that her high status and popularity will not always get her what she wants. Unlike Blair, she slacks off in school and prefers to party. She has to be reminded many times from her mom to go to college and do something…

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  • Plato's Observation On The Feeling Of Beautiful And Sublime

    2: Beauty in Painting: Not far from literature, painting, in its turn, is full of representations of beauty and some of its revelations. Notably, criterion beauty and its enigmatic purpose change from movement to another in terms of style and themes. Namely, Renaissance painting is a reaction against the earlier Medieval Art which focused only on religious dogma. It sheds light on the importance of beauty, individualism, and the teaching of humanism . Even the leading figures of the trend could…

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  • Robin Scherbatsky How I Met Your Mother Gender Analysis

    On the first day of class we each picked our favorite television character and the most prominent social identity of those characters on the board were caucasian male or female. For someone like me who social identifies as an upper class caucasian female I had figured that this would be a relatively easy assignment to choose three television characters that I identify with, but it was actually more difficult than I had thought. I had thought that since most media stars are what I also identify…

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  • The Boiling Point 2-Hexaanol And 3-Methyl-1-Hexanone

    P, Weaver, G, McMurry, J 2011). The boiling point 1-hexanol, 2-hexanone, 1-pentanol and 3-methyl-1-butanol are represented in the chart above as they are approximately; 157ºC, 127.6ºC , between 137 to 139ºC and 131.1ºC respectively. The difference in the general trends of the molecules affects on the boiling point; the molecular surface area of the compound influence by the strength of the intermolecular forces also the length of carbon-carbon chain. Branching decreases, the boiling point and…

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  • Life As A Narrative Analysis

    A “narrative” is defined as being a “written or spoken account of connected events” (“Narrative”). Narratives can take many forms. For instance, in english class many of the short stories we read are narratives. However, a movie, a television show or a song, could also be a narrative. Even our lives can be considered our own personal narratives in which we are the writer, the main character and often times the reader. “Life as a Narrative” demonstrates how certain events, both minor and major,…

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  • Jan Van Eyck: Most Famous Renaissance Artist

    but he was a very intellectual man. Jan knew Latin, used Greek alphabet, along with the Hebrew alphabet. From Jan’s tombstone many have experts have speculated Jan’s education level to be at Gentry class. It is a rare thing to see an artist have this level of education. Jan would serve John Bavaria-Straubing, next he served the ruler of Holland Hainault and Zeeland. In 1425 after the death of John, Van Eyck traveled to Bruges, and lived there for some time. He would become a court painter/artist…

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  • Gossip Girl Film Analysis

    by this series. The wide age gap between viewers comes as an advantage to the series because it proves that it connected a variety of viewers. As many of you may or may not know, Gossip Girl is about a hidden blogger that follows the lives of Upper East Side Manhattan residents. The blog queen exposes gossip that could potentially ruin someone’s career, friendship, relationship, marriage, and so on. Throughout each episode, Gossip Girl exposes various secrets one by one. The cast is mostly…

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