Der Blaue Reiter

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  • The Characteristics Of The Expressionism Movement

    INTRODUCTION The Expressionism movement is an impressive modern art movement that depicted subjective emotion rather than objective reality. This movement used distortion, exaggeration and different elements to express the artist’s feelings that made it different from any other movement ( It has a unique sense of artistic style that uses intense colors and agitated brushstrokes with high qualities that not only affected fine art but also theatre, literature and many more…

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  • Wassily Kandinsky And The Expressionist Movement

    Wassily Kandinsky was one of many influential artists during the Expressionist Movement. This movement lasted 20 years, from 1905 to 1925. This time period holds few historical significances, which influenced expressionism very much so. The end of World War I left Europe in ruins. Many people fluttered to America to escape the warfare. Artists began to express happy thoughts through painting to hopefully bring joy into one's lives. Kandinsky's contribution of paintings filled with shapes and…

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  • Nonrepresentational Art: Jackson Pollock's Art

    These artist wanted a way to express their feelings, so they used colors in places that it would not usually go. Vasili Kandinsky’s “Black Lines No. 189” made in 1913 is an example of this type of art. Kandinsky also started a group called “Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider)” in 1911 that was an important part of the movement. Favism started in that early 1900s as a way for artist to use colors that were not true to life. One of the leading artist of this movement was Henri…

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  • The Expressionism Movement

    Introduction Use your introduction to explain how the question is related to subject, why it makes an interesting study that is worth researching, and how you plan to discuss it. Effect of color + distortion- elaborate Compare+ contrast artists How it is influnce by the emotional aspect To what extent do expressionists portray their emotions through the use of vivid colour and distortion? Vivid colour and distortion are the important elements in expressionist art that play a significant…

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  • Die Bruke Play Analysis

    Beginnings The Expressionism movement is thought by many to have began on June 7, 1905 by four architecture students when they formed the group “Die Brücke” (The Bridge) (Die Brücke). The four students that formed the group “Die Brücke” were Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Erich Heckel, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and Fritz Bleyl. Fritz Bleyl left the group shortly after (Die Brücke). The name, Die Brücke, was taken from writings of the philosopher Friedrich Nietszche, of whom the group greatly admired. It…

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  • Which Of The Following Works Demonstrates The Futurists Interest In Motion Essay

    Which of the following works demonstrates the Futurists' interest in motion? |a. |The City | |b. |Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash | |c. |Champs de Mars or The Red Tower | |d. |The Portuguese…

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