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  • Germany Essay: The Federal Republic Of Germany

    Germany’s official country name is The Federal Republic of Germany, but it is commonly referred to as Germany or Deutschland. Located in Central Europe. Germany is a country who borders the Baltic Sea and the North Sea; it is nestled between the Netherlands and Poland, south of Denmark. At 357,022 sq. km, Germany, is the sixty-third largest country in the world; according to the website it is “three times the size of Pennsylvania; slightly smaller than Montana.” The population of Germany is 80,722,792 and is the nineteenth most populated country in the world, but “most populous country in Europe.” The capitol of Germany is Berlin. In the more Northern part of Germany it borders the English Channel. The terrain in the north is lowlands, while in the more central part is uplands. The southern border of Germany runs along the Bavarian Alps. The climate in Germany is temperate, they experience cool wet summer and winters. German is the officially language, but Romanian, French, Danish, and other European languages. The religions in Germany are mostly…

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  • Demonization In Germany

    The people of Germany have, since before even the reunification of 1873, always been struggling with their identity. The questions of who is Germany, what is Germany, and where is Germany has always been at the forefront of the German people’s minds. So much so that the collection of questions has been given the name ‘The German Question’. When most people hear about cultural, racial, or religious disputes in Germany they would think of the Jewish Europeans during World War II. While this…

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  • Rhetoric Of Multiculturalism In Germany

    is not to erase the importance of regional differences in Germany. Rather than being comprised of many different ethnic groups, Germany was considered a conglomeration of different groups that essentially came from the same descendent. While this played into the rhetoric of Nazi Germany, one must be careful not to place this belief in common ethnic decent only on the development of National Socialism, as iterations of Germanness through group ethnicity was already present in the foundation of…

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  • Ethnic Diversity In Germany

    Germany is a land holding a multitude of cultures within itself. The modern history of Germany has been shaped by great feats of wise men but also left a stain and tarnish on the people of Germany and the world. But from the ashes, Germany has risen up like the mythical phoenix and has become one of the leading culture fusion nations in Europe. The country of Germany is a rich sports nation with their major following being their national football team. The German national football team is a…

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  • The Influence Of Nationalism In Germany

    collapsing more or less everywhere, but only in Germany does the process achieve its maximum effect on people’s spirits.”- Heinrich Mann (Document 10) Germany was left in a state of devastation after WWI. However just because the war was officially over for them, did not mean the fighting had stopped in Germany. The entire World was in bad shape after the terrible war, but Mann explains how it seemed that nothing could go right for the Germans and with each blow the people’s hope began to…

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  • Naziism In Germany

    Many people wonder how Adolf Hitler, a man blamed for the start of WWII and characterized for his fascist policies that resulted in millions of deaths, could have come to power in Germany during the 1920-1930s. Hitler rose to power in German politics as leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party, also known as the Nazi Party (or NSDAP). He was elected chancellor of Germany in 1933, and served as dictator from 1934 to 1945. Even at a young age, Adolf Hitler had a strong passion for…

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  • The Role Of Media In Germany

    Germany, like so many other European countries, is known for its democracy and the freedom that is given to their people. A founding member of the European Union and Eurozone. Also known as the largest national economy in Europe and the fourth-largest by nominal GDP in the world. According to Freedom House’s report, the status of the German press freedom remains free. The media in Germany enjoy an editorial independence when it comes their content, the German constitution also secures their…

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  • Germany Cultural Analysis

    Cultural Analysis: The Federal Republic of Germany Introduction: Overall, Germany is a highly educated, punctual, country with a strong basis of family, state and country pride and a rich, if bloody, history. With a Federal Democracy based in equal parts on the governments of the United States and Great Britain, Germany holds the dignity and rights of its’ people at the forefront of its’ national and international policy. A Brief History: Made up of sixteen Länder or states, the country has had…

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  • Characteristics Of Germany

    What is Germany and is it Truly United? Throughout history Germany has been a changing nation. It has changed so much that many lines in Germany have been blurred, such as who is German and what Germany comprises of. Germany has gone from a series of kingdoms and principalities to one nation, but even today Germany remains divided. Many of these issues of unity stem from what Germany actually is and the change in that definition over the course of the last couple centuries. Germany has almost…

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  • Cultural Traditions In Germany

    Germany: A Land of Tradition and Contrasts Organization and discipline are evident in everyday life for Germans. Public transportation operates like clockwork; traffic lights are synchronized, even retail stores are subject to Ladenschlussgesetz (store-closing law) (Somers 20). Everything done in German lives is done with order and efficiency. While we consider the German people in this light, they give us the impression of drones, adamant about following rules and regulations, and striving for…

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