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  • Germany Or Deutschland: The Federal Republic Of Germany

    The Federal Republic of Germany, but it is commonly referred to as Germany or Deutschland. Located in Central Europe. Germany is a country who borders the Baltic Sea and the North Sea; it is nestled between the Netherlands and Poland, south of Denmark. At 357,022 sq. km, Germany, is the sixty-third largest country in the world; according to the website it is “three times the size of Pennsylvania; slightly smaller than Montana.” The population of Germany is 80,722,792 and is the nineteenth most populated country in the world, but “most populous country in Europe.” The capitol of Germany is Berlin. In the more Northern part of Germany it borders the English Channel. The terrain in the north is lowlands,…

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  • Polytheism In Germany

    civilizations function. For example, the worshipping of Greek gods affected the way the Greek people lived. Another example, when Rome made the shift from polytheism to Christianity, many things changed including laws and customs of the people. While the religion changes in Germany were arguably not that drastic, the Protestant Reformation effected history in a big way. Currently, over 60% of Germans identify as Christian, with about 30% being Protestant and 30% being Catholic. While 60%…

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  • Hyperinflation In Germany

    Unfortunately, not only was the government’s infrastructures becoming weak, but it also began losing its discipline. In an attempt to bring prosperity back to Germany, the government asked the United States for several juicy loans. With such money, almost an instant boom was created. Culture was flourishing back, construction, music, art, every aspect of the German culture was expanding at a rapid pace.(source G1) Unfortunately, people began rioting and became uncivilized. Thanks to the general…

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  • Transformation Of Germany

    Standing as the center of Europe’s economic force, Germany has transformed numerous times over the past century. From the tyrannical and hated country at the forefront of World War II to now being a formidable ally to not only the United Nations, but all of Europe and the world. Today, Germany has overwhelmingly exceeded the expectations of its post-World War II military, economic, and political downfalls. With the restructuring of its economy, Germany has now become the number one support…

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  • Germany Traditions

    Germany: A Land of Tradition and Contrasts Organization and discipline are evident in everyday life for Germans. Public transportation operates like clockwork; traffic lights are synchronized, even retail stores are subject to Ladenschlussgesetz (store-closing law) (Somers 20). Everything done in German lives is done with order and efficiency. While we consider the German people in this light, they give us the impression of drones, adamant about following rules and regulations, and striving for…

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  • Totalitarianism In Germany

    The Nazis thought of this as necessary in order to keep everything under control. They reckoned that if everything was brought into line, they would restore Germany’s legacy and eventually get rid of “un-German” elements of society. The Nazis not only wanted to ‘co-ordinate’ political parties, they also wanted to impose their regime in society and culture, including the musical life of Germany. The Nazis attributed the modern music of the Weimar Republic as ‘un-German’ and had to be subverted.…

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  • Antisemitism In Germany

    You look out over the mountains of naked corpses piled outside of the death camps and are hit by the awful stench that rises from them. As you see this terrible, abhorrent sight, you wonder how anyone could be convinced to do something like this to another people. Due to Christianity’s condemnation of them, the Jews have been the biggest victims of oppression and mistreatment over the past two millennia. However, these prejudicial and hatred-based actions came to a peak with the most infamous…

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  • Pride In Germany

    German communicates as much about the strength of her national identity as citizens of other nations do saluting theirs”. There is no consist answer and that is what is needed to take away from this. Pride in Germany is difficult, multilayer and ambiguous. We can also take away the intense affect the Holocaust and the Third Reich plays in creating this ambilivelence. Conclusion: In conclusion, what I am grappling with this paper is dissecting the German society and citizenship, while…

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  • Rhetoric Of Multiculturalism In Germany

    is not to erase the importance of regional differences in Germany. Rather than being comprised of many different ethnic groups, Germany was considered a conglomeration of different groups that essentially came from the same descendent. While this played into the rhetoric of Nazi Germany, one must be careful not to place this belief in common ethnic decent only on the development of National Socialism, as iterations of Germanness through group ethnicity was already present in the foundation of…

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  • Eugenics In Germany

    Representing Race Nazism and the influence of American eugenicism Germany was influenced by the fast paced American eugenics movement, like other countries in Europe such as France, Belgium, Sweden, and England, in where eugenicist groups strived to introduce eugenic beliefs into national life. Hitler terrorized an entire continent and exterminated million in his quest for a so-called Master Race. Yet, the blue-eyed and blonde physical traits, well sought after by eugenicists didn’t…

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