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  • Pope Abuse Of Power

    from the first pope Peter the Apostle to the current pope Francis I. There have been popes who have wielded great amounts of power like Innocent III and those who did not wield much power like the modern day popes. There were those who were immoral like Alexander VI and those who were kind hearted with a servant attitude like John Paul II. Throughout the reigns of the 256 popes from Peter to Francis, they were seen as spiritual leaders. For most of them, they were also seen as temporal leaders. Most of the popes held great power over the rulers of Europe and used that for their advantage. The corruption of church leaders and the growing confidence of secular leaders led to a decline of…

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  • Popes In The Middle Ages

    Report Pope In the middle ages the pope was the highest and head of the Christian church. All the popes in the middle ages where powerful and highly influential towards society. In medieval times many people went to church meaning that the pope gained great power. Because the pope was god’s representative the pope got to choose what the church was to teach as well as how the church was to act. The pope would live in many now famous places like the Vatican where he would work and live. At the…

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  • Pope Boniface VIII

    Church near the early 1800’s is because of Pope Boniface VIII. Pope Boniface the VIII was not a saint, but a scoundrel. He influenced the church in a negative way by opposing King Philip IV of France, trying to make many changes in the Church that produced outcomes which were negative and issuing the Unam Sanctum. His family and his background had a big influence on his beliefs and those beliefs affected everything he did and said. Pope Boniface VIII original name was Benedetto Caetani. He was…

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  • Pope Francis Controversy

    The recent visit of Pope Francis to the United States has been cause for both celebration and controversy. the News Media has suggested that the pope has the popularity of a celebrity. The public has come out in droves just to catch a glimpse of the Pontiff. His affabililty and uniquely charasmatic style- a style quite different from his predecesors- has made Pope Francis feel approachable and " human " to many. The Pope has been widely received by both Catholics and non Catholics alilke.…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Pope Francis

    Pope Francis is the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Francis’s birth name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio and he was born in Flores, Bueno Aires, Argentina on December 17, 1936. His papal name is in honor of St. Francis of Assisi of Italy. Before becoming a pope Bergoglio got his degree in chemistry and a Ph.D. in theology. In 1958, Bergoglio entered the novitiate of the Society of Jesus. Bergoglio was also a teacher and he taught literature and psychology at Colegio del Salvatore and…

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  • Alexander Pope: A Glorious Revolution

    From his adult height of 4’6’’ to his lack of a formal education because of his religion, Alexander Pope was often counted out throughout his life, but he overcame these problems again and again to impact the literary world. Alexander Pope lived during the restoration period, a tumultuous time. During this time, many things were happening in Britain. Pope was born in 1688, the year of the so called “Glorious Revolution” in which William and Mary became the rulers of Britain. Although things like…

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  • Pope Urban 2 Summary

    of Clermont (1095) and their lack of support to Pope Urban’s project, the quest for power in Rome came to a crucial turning point after the Great Schism. Pope Gregory VII (1073-1085) initiated a new conception of the Church and the role of the papacy within it. His ideas and reforms about the supremacy of the Roman pontiff and that the popes were responsible for the right order in the world, which could only be obtained through righteous Christian violence directed by the papacy, forms the basis…

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  • The Influence Of Pope Urban II

    Hungary; essentially Western Europe (Crusades Map). In the Catholic Kingdoms, the Pope had control of all church affairs, and the priest had control over a single church (Ellis 217-218). During the late 12th century, the Holy Father was Pope Urban II. Pope Urban II was a Catholic Christian and was in charge of all Catholic Church affairs (“The Crusades”). The Byzantine Empire had branched off from Rome in 330 AD, and the Byzantine Empire followed a different branch…

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  • Pope Francis As A Role Model

    Pope Francis was elected Pope in 2013, he was has made some huge changes within the Catholic Church. He also addresses many topics other popes have avoided. He is making strides to change the perception on Roman Catholics for the better. I strongly believe that Pope Francis is improving the Catholic church. He has made the church feel more welcoming. People assume he is trying to change the Catholic Church. According to Amanda Erickson, she states that, “ They worry that Francis is loosening…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis On Pope Francis

    their communities, according to Pope Francis during his renewed plea to not reject the people who need help. On Tuesday, Pope Francis addressed the International Forum on Migration and Peace in Rome and urged people to change their attitude toward people in need. The pontiff spoke against populist rhetorics that have created figures like Adolf Hitler who “destroyed” the people who voted for him, the News Observer relays. “In the face of tragedies which take the lives of so many migrants and…

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