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  • The Martyrdom Of Saints Of Perpetua And Felicitas

    Martyrdom has been cited as a “form of total love for God” (Pope Benedict XVI). In a time when Christians were being persecuted for their worship of God, or more specifically a refusal to worship the emperor, martyrdom was practically an honor bestowed upon unrepentant Christians. The Martyrdom of Sts. Perpetua and Felicitas is a rare first-hand account of sacrifice in its truest form. Perpetua writes of her numerous visions and encounters while mentally preparing herself for the death of a martyr at the hands of the pagans. Prophecies and visions are a time-old symbol of a true follower of God. Perpetua’s martyrdom is no exception. She tells of visions bestowed upon herself and her fellow Christians being held in prison. Each vision helps…

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  • Hildegard Of Bingen Essay

    measured in the form of wealth, which is artificial in terms of real spiritual importance. However, Hildegard believed success could be gained through the development of self by understanding the natural world. In conclusion, Hildegard of Bingen helps to provide one with a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith through the interpretations of her visions. She lived a life of spiritual fulfillment by the time she died at the age of eighty two on September 17th, 1179 (Singer 57). However, her…

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  • The Catholic Church

    By definition, Apostolic means “having been sent”, which means that Christ has sent the church into the world. The Church is built upon the continued tradition that the Apostles and the followers of Christ have carried. The previous statement is displayed even today with Pope Francis connecting his teachings with every prior Pope, dating back to St. Peter. The Apostolic nature of the Church helps her faithful identity and mission to stay rooted in Christ. The Church is built on the foundation…

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  • Pope Joan Analysis

    article about a legendary female pope, or popesse, appealed to me as a Catholic who has learned a lot about Church history in nine years of Catholic schooling. A pope had a lot of influence in the Middle Ages as the head of the highly powerful Church, and the idea of an accidental female pope interested me due to the low status of women at the time. I also enjoy reading stories about mysterious legends and myths. Noble wrote this article intending to explain where her story came from, why she…

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  • How Does Technology Affect Religion

    One comments that they tend to update at least once every few days when they are home and three to four times a day when they are traveling. It is wonderful that it “allows updates instantly” another comments. The documentary goes on to include that Pope Benedict III does not only allow social media sites but, encourages the members to use sights to spread their gospel truths. He also expresses his concern because there have been many instances where people have become confused or angered by…

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  • What Is In Vitro Fertilization?

    Over the years, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has become more common as infertile couples seek solutions to fulfill their desire for biological children. The procedure involves extracting eggs and sperms, which are then fused together in a Petri dish in a laboratory. The fertilized egg or eggs are later implanted in the woman. In addition to the many social implications, the Catholic Church has raised numerous moral issues with the process and has remained steadfast in its opposition to the…

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  • Some Are More Fortunate Than Others?

    much more than their outward necessities; I can give them the look of love which they crave.” - Pope Benedict XVI The Popes words teach that my question is much more about what we can not see or hold. The Pope discusses that he can give us what we need in the eyes of Christ, which is love (Benedict). He believes that love is much more than the necessities that we crave rather than materialistic items (Benedict). We crave love, something that can not be value numerically. Yet we do not need to…

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  • Pope Francis First Speech

    - the year in review: Timeline of major news stories | Home News | News | The Independent,” n.d.). That year also saw the election of the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and the first pope from the Americas. When the new Pope stepped out onto the balcony on March 13, 2013, no one could have envisioned how this man in basic white vestments, a traditional liturgical garment, would catch the world’s attention. Before he pronounced the traditional blessing on those gathered in St. Peter’s…

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  • An Analysis Of The Death With Dignity Act

    of the general public agrees the Death with Dignity Act is morally acceptable. Merchant 3 Although there has been a widespread acceptance from the general public concerning assisted death, religious advocates believe the law could infringe on a physician’s spiritual beliefs. According to Dierdre McQuade, spokeswoman for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, “It’s contrary to the fifth commandment of ‘Thou shall not kill’” (1). The Catholic view on physician assisted dying is unalterable as…

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  • The Redeemer Symbolism

    despite humans being sinners, and the introduction of sin into mankind from free will, God still sent his only son to earth to die for us, opening the gates of heaven. O’Collins’ conclusion on this passage and other Biblical passages that provide evidence into God’s divine love is, “God’s initiative of love clarifies the story of salvation” (Christology, p.300). O’Collins argues that we cannot understand the story of salvation if we don’t find and appreciate that there is evidence showing that…

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