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  • Cardinal Wolsey King Henry Viii Diction

    It is extremely distressing to hear that you have been expelled from your job. It is extremely infuriating, however, if you never expect that you will be removed from your occupation especially if you think that you are doing a superb job. Cardinal Wolsey experience this sensation as he receives a letter from his king, Henry VIII, that effectively removed him from his position as an advisor for his monarch. In his soliloquy, Cardinal Wolsey uses a choice diction and a furious tone to express his shock and awe of the news and delivers his final advice to his king in metaphors and allusion during his soliloquy. Cardinal Wolsey is extremely furious about the loss of his position to the king. In an almost mocking manner, he questions the farewell he…

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  • Cardinal Virtue In Plato's Republic

    Platos republic is a study in the question; 'What is justice and how is it achieved". Plato recounts a discussion between Socrates and other notable philosophers in which they attempt to answer this question and discover what exactly constitutes justice in an idividual. After the peers of Socrates present many hypotheses - which he finds all to be flawed- he attempts a solution to the question with the following comparison. Justice is achieved in man in the same way it is within the state;…

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  • The Four Cardinal Virtue In The Republic By Socrates

    easier to find than justice in the individual. (434e) Therefore, by finding justice in the state, justice in the individual can be found as well. (434e) Socrates begins his explanation by identifying the four cardinal virtues; wisdom, courage, self-discipline, and justice in the state. He finds that in a perfect state, the Guardians or rulers possess wisdom; the ability to make just decisions and do what’s best for their state, (428d) the Auxiliaries or soldiers posses courage to protect the…

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  • Cardinal Virtue Analysis

    In article 49 and 50 of Christian Morality, titled “Cardinal Virtues” and “Theological Virtues” the author discusses the four cardinal virtues: Prudence, Temperance, Justice and Fortitude and the three Theological virtues-- Faith, Hope, and Love. By applying every virtue to our lives we can harness the perfect gifts God gave us and advance in our relationship with the Almighty. For instance, Prudence is the act of premeditation, or the opposite of impulsive behavior. It is also called wise…

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  • Pope Francis First Speech

    It was on the second day of the assembly that Bergoglio was elected as the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Right from the beginning, Cardinal Bergoglio has defied the norms and formalities of the position. On March 16th, he stood in front of thousand of journalists and told them that he took the words spoken to him by Cardinal Hummes to hearts - ‘Don’t forget the poor’ - and thusly, chose to be named after St. Francis of Assisi, “the man of poverty, the man of peace, the man who loves…

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  • Cardinal Wolsey's Relationship With France

    Wolsey was not only an excellent advisor and servant to the King, Henry also entrusted him with his friendship and personal life. “Mine own good cardinal, I recommend me unto you with all my heart, and thank you for the great pain and labour that you do daily take in my Business and matters.” Now the greatly known Cardinal Wolsey, focussed on a much larger matter, peace amongst the European countries. Wolsey, due to his talents in France, was entrusted to design and organise the impeccable…

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  • Case Study Cardinal Health

    BADM 750 Case 6 - Cardinal Health Jayme Salo Cardinal Health's implementation of SAP R/3 and a data warehouse in their medical products and services business, in combination with the willing and successful adoption by their employees, provided the foundation to create a powerful and functional advanced BI that the company leveraged to create competitive advantage in their industry and set the precedent for others looking to institute similar BPR projects. There were many examples of what…

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  • Cardinal Personality Traits

    According to Gordon Allport, there are three main traits that shape the complete personality in humans. The Cardinal traits are the most dominant. These are the traits that determine a person’s wants, needs and passions. They are the core foundation for the person’s complete nature. Central traits are those that form the people’s characteristics. They include honesty, loyalty, love, emotions. Central traits are more often what is used to describe a person, i.e., whether he/she is good, bad,…

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  • Female's Role In The Jesus Movement

    In the New Testament, Junia, Pricilla, Phoebe, and Mary Magdalene were four females with leadership roles in the Jesus movement. These females were deaconesses, evangelists, educators, or preachers. The New Testament provides insight into the debate of female leadership and ordination during the early church movement; a debate that continues now. Certain Christian denominations today permit female ordination, while other denominations stand firm against female pastors; both use the New Testament…

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  • Nietzsche Cardinal Virtues Analysis

    Goodness: Virtue thus came to mean, not moral goodness in itself considered, but goodness militant and triumphant. Virtue then, in its more usual sense at the present time, denotes conduct in accordance with the right, or with the fitness of things, on the part of one who has the power to do otherwise. But in this sense there are few, if any, perfectly virtuous men. There are criterions to recognize cardinal virtues: there are fitnesses and duties appertaining, first, to one's own being, nature,…

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