Cardiorespiratory fitness

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  • 6-Week Health Program: A Case Study

    wishes to change in the program. From the interview, relevant information was collected. The client is currently working as a receptionist in a physiotherapy clinic. She works on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. She has a gym membership and currently exercises for three times a week. She exercises for an hour and mostly runs on a treadmill. The speed at which she usually runs and walks are 10.5kph and 6kph respectively. She drives to the gymnasium which is five minutes away from her home. She also has an outdoor track near her housing area but prefers running on a treadmill. Ashlee has no past medical history and is deemed fit to perform physical activities. From the interview, it was understood that Ashlee’s aims are to improve her cardiorespiratory endurance and to run for 5km without walking rests after six weeks. Reasons for her aims are that although she has been consistently running on a treadmill, she has never succeeded in completing the run without walking rests. Also, no program was tailored…

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  • Cerebral Palsy: A Literature Review

    Physical activity (PA) is necessary for optimum physical and psychosocial health of the general population. It has been suggested that it is even more important for children and adolescents with Cerebral Palsy (CP) who struggle with impairments that interfere with activities of daily living and limit participation in sports (Fowler, Knutson, et al., 2007). According to the World Health Organization, adolescents and young adults with and without disabilities who are physically active have higher…

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  • Vo2 Max Lab Report

    lab, we used the direct method. It can be tough though, because it requires the subject to exercise until exhaustion, requiring enough motivation. Some main factors affecting VO2 max are age, gender, and altitude. VO2 max is typically highest by age 20, and gradually decreases as the individual ages. Males have a higher VO2 max due to their physiology, which is about 20% greater than females. In higher altitudes, less oxygen is available, thus lowering the VO2 max. The goal of this laboratory…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Natural Selection

    not getting enough exercise. When someone becomes obese and that person doesn’t handle the situation properly, then the genetic characteristics of obesity are passed down to the next generation. “Taste preferences directly influence the evolutionary fitness of all animals, because their feeding choices affect the number of offspring they can produce. As a consequence, natural selection can shape feeding behaviors just as it can bring about changes in physical structures. (Animal Behavior: The…

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  • Debunker's Argumentative Analysis

    The evolutionary story suggests that our moral beliefs evolved organically to select for what would keep a community alive. That our morals do not approach an objective truth, but are merely adaptively fit. This lends to an argument that since we are not evolved to know the truth, our morals may be totally invalid, and so we cannot rationally believe them. This argument that we cannot trust our morals is flawed. The debunker claims that since evolution selects for fitness rather than moral…

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  • Explain The Components Of Fitness Essay

    The components of fitness are defined as the constituents that make up one’s physical fitness or his or her ability to function effectively at physical activity. Physical fitness is helpful in many aspects and is something anyone can achieve. The four most basic components of fitness are Cardiorespiratory Endurance (CR), Muscular Strength and Endurance, Flexibility, and Body Composition. Cardiorespiratory endurance is the ability of the heart to provide oxygen to the body. This is a highly…

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  • Lab 2.1 Fitness Essay

    accomplish all my daily activities within my original schedule. The adjustments that I made to the plan are very beneficial in regards to my overall general health, but as well as my fitness goals to live a long healthy life. For lab 3.2 developing an exercise program for cardiorespiratory endurance my goals had changed from the original assignment. My Final goals basically stayed the same improving physical appearance, general health, but I also added the goal of completing a triathlon. My…

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  • The Importance Of The Fitbit Tracker

    self-regulatory data management, have become a growing market within the fitness community (Loprinzi 2015). One such device known as the Fitbit tracker, which saves activity data, stores it to the app, and then produces simples…

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  • The F. I. T Principles Of Exercise Training

    Taylor Berger Ms. Lieb Physical Education 30 April 2016 The F.I.T.T. Principle The F.I.T.T. principle is a set of guideline that helps people set up a workout program or routine that adheres to their personal goals and fitness level while helping them get the most out of their routine. The F.I.T.T. principle is used typically for the general public than athletes to get the most beneficial form of a fitness program for each person individually. F.I.T.T. stands for frequency, intensity, type,…

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  • Reflection Paper On Workout

    simply because I want to be in better shape than I was. I plan to have 3 active days and 4 rest days, however on rest days still do smaller workouts that alternate between different muscles so one is not overworked. I will be using my laptop as well as my phone to keep track on what my routine for the day is as well as the fitness app Sworkit. Beginning my workout plan will commence on March 12th 2016 and be completed on April 2nd 2016. I will document my workouts and experience in my…

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