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  • Debunker's Argumentative Analysis

    The evolutionary story suggests that our moral beliefs evolved organically to select for what would keep a community alive. That our morals do not approach an objective truth, but are merely adaptively fit. This lends to an argument that since we are not evolved to know the truth, our morals may be totally invalid, and so we cannot rationally believe them. This argument that we cannot trust our morals is flawed. The debunker claims that since evolution selects for fitness rather than moral truth, we cannot trust our moral beliefs to be objective, and that we must require a Good Reason to back up all our moral beliefs. This not only knocks out moral realism, or at least leaves it crippled and ineffective, but also leads down the road to pure…

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  • Analysis Of Internet Troll By Lisa Selin Davis

    Research on the Debunker After reading the article “Internet Troll” by blogger Lisa Selin Davis. I started to wonder about internet trolls. While anyone can write a blog. They are more commonly used by writers who want to reach out to a certain audience about a specific topic. In Ms. Davis case, she writes about real estates. The blog itself has the ability to allow readers to write a response about the article posted or written if the author permits it. Some responses are kind, other are…

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  • Alien Abduction Narrative Analysis

    that marked the first widespread publicity about the Barney and Betty Hill abduction” (2007, p.139). Scribner correlates that various elements in the Hill’s abduction story are echoed in similar stories following this ‘paradigmatic’ narrative. These elements included in the various narratives provided by the couple further explores the dark and light fragments of the Alien abduction narrative. Scribner writes about a paranormal researcher assigned to the Hill case and noted that, “Fowler makes…

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  • Cow Tipping Essay

    establish how impossible it is for one person to tip a standing cow over. Tipping of cows however, entertaining it is just not very likely. Swearingen, try’s to help make his claim with proof of how cow tipping can be done. The term “Cow Casting” is when veterinarians need for a cow to be on their side. This procedure takes many skilled helpers and ropes strategically positioned on the cow, with a lot of determination, brute force, and luck the cow will go down gracefully. Even this is not a…

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  • Perfectionism In Harry Potter By Voldemort

    is a fraud, and he knows he must be a fraud to achieve his goals. He takes a realist approach to establishing himself as a celebrity. As long as he receives glory, he will do whatever it takes to get there. Being solely motivated by fame and fortune, Lockhart embodies realist politics. Analogous to Rita’s fate, Lockhart ends up being exposed as a fraud and loses his memory as he tries to erase Ron’s memory. This may serve the lesson that using unethical methods to reach fame backfires, quite…

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  • Feminist Argument Essay

    I would like to remind you, that although they may identify as ‘feminists’ they are in fact sexist misandrists. And it is this sort of behavior, which causes many people in society to refer to us as Feminazi’s. Now that we have established that not everyone who identifies as a feminist is actually a feminist. It is now time to debunker the myth that Feminism is a female exclusive club. Feminism involves men. I say this simply and plainly, despite people’s assumptions against it. In Emma Watson’s…

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