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  • Auto Thefts

    As I searched journals and websites for material on the research involving auto thefts, I found very few articles. In fact, according to one author, motor vehicle thefts are the number one under-researched part one crime (Jeffrey Walsh, 2007). In this same article studies indicate auto thefts are linked to community structure, instability and surrounding crime (Jeffrey Walsh, 2007). The author theorizes the reason for the lack of research is the crime itself creates little effect on most victims. That said, stability of a neighborhood has an affect on auto theft incidents. The more unstable the neighborhood, the more likely crime will occur which includes auto theft. The studies also found new anti-theft improvement on vehicles did not decrease the number of auto thefts. It did, however, slightly affect the targeted vehicles, older models vs. newer models. Nationwide, recovery statistics are not recorded consistently, this includes the Overland Park Police Department. This data would be helpful in determining the types of thieves, joyriders vs. professional car theft rings. In 2001, the Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods conducted a study on how disorder is linked to crime. In essence the study challenged the “broken window” theory. The findings of the study determined although disorder can have an effect, the predominant reason for crime is more associated to structural characteristics and collective efficacy of the neighborhood. Poorer neighborhoods…

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  • What Do You Do T. Mbeki Analysis

    Daphney Sihwa African Art What do you do T. Mbeki? Dr. Ola The artwork entitled ‘What Do You Do T. Mbeki?’ by the artist Rose Kgoete was created for the Mapula Embroidery project. Mapula meaning “mother of rain”, was a project intended to address the awful poverty among women in Winterveld, an area North of Pretoria in South Africa. These women were encouraged to work on subject matters that were not usually addressed in public so this was their way of speaking out. The image by Rose is a…

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  • Clan Members Research Paper

    Asian Republic terms or service agreement By joining the "Asian Republic" also known as "#9UPPJVC9", you agree and acknowledge to this agreement and understand that one or more violations of the clan rules will lead to immediate termination of "Clan membership". Only the "supreme leader" and/or "Asian Council" may modify, and/or abolish this agreement. The "Supreme Leader" and the "Asian Council" reserves the right to do action such as, but aren't limited to: altering, giving exceptions, and…

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  • Carjacking Is The Violent Form Of Motor Vehicle Theft

    Carjacking Facts Robbery Prevention Advice Carjacking is Robbery Carjacking is the violent form of motor vehicle theft. It is a serious threat to our personal safety because the thief uses force and fear to rob our car from us. Sometimes the car owner or other occupants are kidnapped during a carjacking, and if lucky will be dropped off nearby unharmed. The worst case scenario occurs when you are transported to a secondary crime scene, which is usually more dangerous than the original…

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  • Drunk Driving Informative Speech

    It is the time that we put drunk driving on the brakes. Drunk driving is a very large problem, and has been for a very long while. In fact, “In 1995 more than 1.4 million people were arrested for driving while intoxicated, nearly 10 percent of all arrests made that year (Hingston 1).” Now think about how those statistics have changed over the years. My invention is the Steering Sober. It is a sleeve for the steering wheel that measures BAC levels and fingerprint to prevent carjacking and DUI.…

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  • Failure To Success In Dwayne Betts's A Question Of Freedom

    Throughout the memoir, A Question of Freedom written by him, Dwayne Betts had faced a lot of obstacles and limited choices/decisions behind bars in a Fairfax County Jail in Virginia. There are many reasons why others define Betts as a “felon”, but he describes himself as a “success”, Betts chose himself as a “learner”, others define me as “motivated” and to reflect based on challenges of defining an identity is, “failure to success”. Throughout the memoir, many people describe Betts as a…

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  • What Is The Cost-Benefit Analysis?

    thus, allowing the offenders to view this as a rational and reliable method in order to deal with similar pressures in the future (Jacobs and Wright, 1999). Life situations is another factor that appears to make crime more rational. According to Topalli and Wright (2004), “Situational inducements could be intensely compelling, pressing offenders to engage in carjacking even under unfavorable circumstances, where the risk of arrest, injury, or death was high or the potential reward was low” (As…

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  • Why Do Betts Become Successful?

    A felon is “a person who has been convicted of a felony.” ( and success is “the accomplishment of an aim/purpose.” ( This is because he was basically arrested for carjacking, convicted of 6 felony charges and he soon earned both a GED and a high school diploma in prison earlier. Betts wrote, “I knew when I went before the judge he’d talked to me like I didn’t think about the victim. […]” (60) and “I become one of the first two people to receive a high school…

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  • Personal Narrative: Moving Into The Old Farm House

    It had been a long hot summer and Laura was ready for the change in weather and the change in scenery. Fall was really her favorite time of the year anyway. The cooler weather was also a much better time to make the move from the city to her new home in a quite rural community. The good deal she had gotten on the old farm house sitting on five acres was too good to pass up. She didn’t like the idea that there was only one bathroom, which was downstairs, but since it would only be her living…

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  • The Four Corners In The City Of God

    characterize the country even after 22 years since the dawn of democracy. Crime statistics continue to take a hike in everything from one year to the other. See Annexure A. In the two pages published by News24, I am focusing on two key areas, the national scale, and the provincial scale. My focus on the provincial scale is in the Western Cape Province because that is where Four Corners is set. The article shows that on the national scale, there has been an increase from the previous year (2014)…

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