Interrogatory Hearing Case Study

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Upon consideration of the evidence presented at an adjudicatory hearing, and with the following persons present:

 Respondent Marquise Ramon Bailey
 Respondent’s Attorney Leslie Florestano Peek
 Assistant State’s Attorney Kue M. Lattimore

The Court for Prince George’s County on this 9th day of April, 2015, accepted the Respondent’s plea to Count 7 – Motor Vehicle Theft. The Court found that the Respondent freely and voluntarily entered the plea and knowingly and intelligently waived his rights.

The State presented the following facts, which would have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, if the case had proceeded to a full merits hearing:

•On November 20, 2014 at 2300 hours,
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The victim got out of the car. The suspect then knocked the victim to the ground, took his wallet, and his cell phone.

The suspects then got into the victim’s car, a black 2002 Ford Mustang (MD 3BM6332) and fled the area.

The victim was able to notify the police, who responded and began to canvass the area with negative results.

The victim described the suspects as two African American males, wearing black clothing and black ski masks.

On November 20, 2014 at 2345 hours, members of MPDC were on routine patrol in the 5000 block of Benning Road, SE, when they observed a 2002 black Ford Mustang (MD 3BM6332) traveling northbound at the intersection of H street SE and Benning Rd. MPDC officers observed two African American males inside of the vehicle.

A look out had been previously broadcast for two men, matching the description of the occupants, that would be in a 2002 black Ford Mustang bearing the same license plate. MPDC officers were aware that this car had been recently carjacked.

A traffic stop was attempted, but the car refused to stop. The car crashed into another vehicle at 526 46th ST., SW. Two suspects then bailed out of the car and ran into the woods. Officers ran in the direction of the
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That individual was taken into custody and identified as Defendant Marquise Bailey. Officers found a GPS unit attached to Defendant Bailey’s ankle, which had been attached by DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services on 9/12/14.

K-9 and helicopters were then utilized in an attempt to find the second suspect. The second suspect was also apprehended in the woods and stated that his name was Delonte Hall.
Both Defendants were arrested and transported to MPDC D6.

On November 21, 2014, officers were able to learn that the suspect who had stated that his name was “Delonte Hall” had lied and that his true name was Bernard Coleman.
Officers contacted the organization that was monitoring Defendant Bailey via his ankle monitor and determined that according to the electronic monitoring system he had been in the area of the carjacking at the time that it occurred

The following additional facts were found:

The Court FINDS, that it is necessary to protect the Respondent and or others, and that without strict supervision and custody, the Respondent may leave the jurisdiction of the

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