Case Study Of Kirkland Police Chief Bill Hamilton

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I have been ordered by Kirkland Police Chief Bill Hamilton to provide this written statement. Nothing that I include in this statement, nor evidence derived from the statement may be used against me in a subsequent criminal proceeding. I understand that I must complete this statement which will address questions which are specifically, directly and narrowly related to the performance of my official duties. At the direct order of Chief Hamilton, understanding that I can be disciplined and/or terminated for violating a direct order, I am making this statement.

On 10/15/15 at about 0930 hours, Sgt. Aksdal, Detective Davidson and I were working in the investigations office at the Kirkland Police Department, 11750, NE 118th St. Kirkland WA. Emergency
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He briefed us on where he last saw the suspect. I inquired if the male might be in one of the office complexes and should we start searching the buildings and locking them down. Officer Spak was not sure and then dispatch advised that they received a call that a person was being carjacked by a man wearing an Xbox shirt in the 11400 block of NE 118th Street. Detective Davidson and I immediately knew it was the male we just saw. We then drove eastbound on Ne 120th Street and Detective Davidson stated, “There he is.” I had the sun in my eyes and did not see him at first and asked Detective Davidson, “Where?” I then saw the male walking westbound in the parking lot of an office building in the 11400 block of NE 118th ST. Detective Davidson stopped the car in the middle of the road and we both exited the vehicle, drew and pointed our department issued firearms at the male. Detective Davidson yelled to the male, “Police stop!” At the same time, I saw Sgt. Rich and Sgt. Aksdal running up behind the male. One of the two Sergeants yelled to us, “He has a gun.” This was repeated several times. The male grinned and then took off at a full run with his hand in his front pocket and waistband area. All four of us pursued the male, for a couple hundred feet. Sgt. Aksdal, Detective Davidson and I were wearing our tactical vests that have clearly legibly patches with “Police” displayed on the front and back. Sgt. Rich was wearing his Kirkland Police Department uniform, which clearly displays him as a police officer. As the male approached the building, he stopped, turned and Sgt. Rich did a knee style strike to the male’s side and they both went to the ground. As I got closer, I saw a brown and black semi-automatic pistol on the ground near the male’s feet. I slide the gun away with my foot and provided over watch while Sgt. Rich and Sgt. Aksdal attempted to restrain and

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