Nathaniel Hawthorne Research Paper

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On Wednesday, 09/07/2016, at approximately 1030 hours, I, Deputy Stacy Stark #1815 was dispatched to speak with a victim of a domestic battery at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. The victim’s name was Brittany M. Hawthorne (F/W, DOB: 12/27/1984). The domestic battery occurred at 173 Mc Dowell Rd. Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois.

Hawthorne reported the domestic battery occurred over a course of 4 days. The incident started on Saturday, 09/03/2016. The suspect, Donald J. Moutria (M/W, DOB: 07/07/1987), Tyrone C. Webb (M/B, DOB: 04/27/1980), Krista M. Parola (F/W, DOB: 03/24/1986) and Hawthorne were partying at Webb’s residence located at 173 McDowell Rd. Murphysboro, Illinois. Moutria and Hawthorne were dating and Webb and Parola were dating. Hawthorne and Parola were not consuming any alcohol or drugs, but Moutria and Webb were under the influence of methamphetamine. Hawthorne said that Webb had possession of approximately 7 to 8 grams of methamphetamine.
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Moutria did grab or punch her upper left arm, which Hawthorne stated caused a knot in her arm and later turned into a bruise. I observed two bruises on her upper left arm. Moutria also extinguished a lit cigarette on her neck which left a red mark. I observed a red mark on the right side of her neck. Hawthorne stated on separate occasions; Moutria struck Hawthorne on her chin with his left hand, but not with a closed fist and she said it was not a smack with an open hand. Moutria pushed her causing her to fall over a coffee table, pushed her against a laundry dryer, and threw her up against the bedroom wall. Hawthorne believed on Monday, 09/05/2016, Moutria grabbed a blue handled knife with white lettering, threw Hawthorne onto the bed, held the knife to her neck and threatened to kill her if she tried to call the police. Moutria was paranoid the “feds” were after

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