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  • Carl Sagan Thesis

    Waiting on the World to Change In a scientific article, “Warming of the World” written by Carl Sagan, readers are compelled to recognize the potential peril of the warming of our Earth. The way Sagan ensures that his audience assimilates his view, is by offering them associated topic so they can compare his argument. For instance, Carl Sagan specifies that the “greenhouse effect [is what] keeps the surface of Venus around 470’C [or 900 degrees Fahrenheit]” (520, Sagan). When Sagan utilized other topics to pertain to his current topic, he allowed his audience to distinguish the importance of greenhouse gases on earth and why it is crucial for human existance. Furthermore, he connects the two topics in order for the reader to infer, or at least…

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  • Rhetorical Strategies Of Carl Sagan

    Carl Sagan was a well-known astronomer who studied extraterrestrial intelligence advocated for nuclear disarmament. Growing up Sagan developed a passion for astronomy (Moore). Michael Shermer received his B.A. in psychology and his M.A. in experimental psychology. He taught a course for Ph.D. students on Evolution, Economics, and the Brain. He was head of one of America’s leading skeptic organizations (Shermer). Shermer is more rhetorically effective than Sagan in his reading because he goes…

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  • Carl Sagan Science And Hope Analysis

    The Carl Sagan’s chapter “Science and Hope” is a heartfelt praise to science. In the chapter Sagan describes his relationship with science as a romance in which he is continually in awe of the wonders and discoveries brought to him through science. He also presents many compelling reasons why science is a good thing. The main reasons Sagan puts forward that science is a good thing are that it helps us understand what we do not know, it is inherently self-correcting, and is the golden road out of…

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  • Summary Of The Cosmic Connection By Carl Sagan

    In the selection of Carl Sagan book The Cosmic Connection he explains the importance of changing the way humans behave with other species and the environment. Instead of having one dominate specie Sagan suggests that we must ally with other species by taking in count of their thoughts and feelings. Although, humans are self-centered and selfish to think about the benefits of other species. To prove it Sagan summarized the evolution we have taken from hunting and gathering to forming nations, in…

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  • Broca's Brain, The Dragons Of Eden, By Carl Sagan

    and a very select few of people can answer them. Out of the select few, one stands out the most and that is Carl Sagan. Carl Sagan is a very prominent astronomer, cosmologist, and an author. Carl Sagan is well known for his books: Cosmos, Broca’s Brain, The Dragons of Eden, and Contact. He also narrated show called Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. He is also well known for his involvement in the search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, and conducted studies of the Pioneer Plaque and the Voyager…

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  • Carl Sagans Cosmic Calendar: An Analysis

    happened in the blink of an eye. On the other, we have the ability to turn a thriving planet into a wasteland; so really, it creates a paradox. We as human beings are very self-centered. Since the beginning of time people believed that the Earth was at the center of the universe. It was not until the 16th century when Nicolaus Copernicus, a mathematician, astronomer, and Catholic cleric brought the ‘heliocentric system’ to the public, starting the Copernican Revolution. Even though they had…

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  • Metaphors We Know The Universe, By Carl Sagan

    Similarities in Science and Humanities Carl Sagan once proposed in his 1979 article entitled, “Can We Know the Universe,” that it is impossible for humans to know everything. There are millions of informational bits within a grain of salt. Fortunately, there is no need to know everything. As Sagan claimed, “we live in a universe that has at least important parts which are knowable.” In our species’ attempt to understand those “important parts,” society has created the concept of academic…

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  • The Purpose Of Knowledge In Pale Blue Dot By Carl Sagan

    A human is essentially an explorer in his or her own way. Early humans explored for their physiological needs while modern humans explore their internal environment to learn more about oneself. Exploration builds wisdom. In a book that I read – 'Pale Blue Dot' by Carl Sagan – the author expresses how Space research has helped humanity realize the insignificance of international quarrels and disputes. His writings convey the idea that from the space, the earth is nothing but a pale blue dot,…

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  • Giorgio Agamben's Writing Of Sovereign Power And Bare Life

    Introduction The purpose of this paper is to critically analyze the writing of Giorgio Agamben as it relates to the course theme in regard to the placement of the body in contemporary social theory. More specifically this paper will address Agamben’s writing of Sovereign Power and Bare Life and the distinction between the natural being and the legal existence of a person. First in Part I, I will provide a summary of Sovereign Power and Bare Life, and identify Agamben 's central thesis. In Part…

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  • Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports

    Since the beginning of sports competition, athletes have always wanted to get a better edge over their competitors and will do anything necessary to do so. They go as far as to injecting themselves with drugs and taking supplements to make them bigger, faster, and stronger. A method otherwise known as doping; a process in which athletes use prohibited drugs or training methods to surpass their competitors. These athletes; steaming from all sports, have been misusing these drugs, not wanting to…

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