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  • Pros And Cons Of Felony

    “In criminal law, a felony is a category of crimes that are often classified as the most serious types of offenses, and they can be either violent or nonviolent. Felonies are typically classified as mala in se crimes. Mala in se - a Latin phrase meaning wrong or evil in itself. The phrase is used to refer to conduct assessed as sinful or inherently wrong by nature, independent of regulations governing the conduct” (Clark). Murderers, rapists, human traffickers: these criminals, and so many more, cannot be given the rights that have been justly taken from them. Their rights have been seized because they have so greatly refused to be functioning members to our society. These men and women, especially based on recently opened statistics, do not deserve to have any involvement in politics whatsoever and they cannot have complete control over their personal lives. These felons have proven themselves, many of which on multiple…

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  • Essay: Why Felonies Should Be Charged As Adults

    young teens, who commit felonies should be charged as adults do to this case. While some people believe that teens who commit felonies shouldn’t be charged as adults because they should be able to learn from their mistake and make better life choices , rather than teens who commit felonies should be charged as adults because they cannot make up for their mistake and they do not know what there are doing , most of them don’t know but some of them do . No, teens shouldn’t be charged because it…

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  • Case Study On Dansusky

    Since the boy 's death was the result of the arson committed by Tom Doe and his intent to kill Taperno, Doe could further be charged with felony murder or first degree murder if their state does not have a felony murder rule. 3. For what crimes, if any, can Clarice be convicted? Clarice who is in need of money steals a bust of Nefertiti from the museum she works with. The crime fulfills all the requirements of larceny since Clarice unlawfully takes and carries away someone else 's property…

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  • State Court Survey Case Study

    All 67 counties in Alabama have their own circuit court. Circuit courts hear all cases involving felony prosecution. They also have the ability to exercise jurisdiction over juvenile and district court cases. Circuit courts hear civil cases when the amount of damages exceeds $10000. Alabama’s has three appellate courts. Court of Civil Appeals, Court of Criminal Appeals, and the Supreme Court of Alabama. These courts have discretionary jurisdiction. The Court of Civil Appeals has five judges,…

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  • Logical, Ethical, And Emotional Issues In Crazy, By Pete Earley

    a good shake. Unethical encounters and research presented throughout the story paint a story of mental illness in America that is unfortunate and haunting. Earley’s own son, Mike, is who kickstarts Earley’s journey into discovering the broken system of dealing with mentally ill people in America. Earley tells a story of Mike experiencing an episode of mental illness which lands him in jail. Mike broke into a random home and took a bubble bath, and urinated on the carpet. Mike really had no…

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  • Felon Disenfranchisement Analysis

    is no different, especially in the battleground state of Florida. Both Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton are vying to win the support of Floridians. Florida is a battleground state because of its twenty-nine electoral votes, and sometimes can be a deciding factor in which candidate wins the presidential election. For example, according to Lai and Lee in a recent New York Times article, “the margin of victory in Florida in the 2000 presidential election between Al Gore and George W. Bush was 537…

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  • Marijuana Case Study: Aggravated Assault And Robbery

    issue that some one was smoking marijuana in the class, professor locked the door of the class until the perpetrator inbeing identified. The student began to get anxious. Tyler grabbed the professor by her arm and shook her. Ron grabbed a piece of the door to hit the professor with it, the piece of the door instead hit Diana causing her an injury in her leg. In this case Tyler physically strikes a professor and her put her in fear of immediate harm. He seized her and shook her that is assault…

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  • Essay On Simple Assault

    under Florida State law, a second-degree misdemeanor. Aggravated Assault - Aggravated Assault is more serious than Simple Assault, because it's committed involving a threat imposed with a deadly weapon or with the intent of committing a felony, a third-degree…

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  • Zero Tolerance Policy Analysis

    that she was innocent of all charges. Not only did she proclaim her innocence, she also claimed that “a second probation officer was engaging in sex with probationers” in order to take some of the attention away from herself (Zinn, 2014). If anything, this allegation drew more attention to Fields and the department as a whole since there was more than one unethical incident coming to light. Authorities looked into these allegations and ended up firing the probation officer when they found a post…

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  • Essay On Influence Of Voting

    The Influence of Voting Once a citizen reaches a certain age, they are granted the right to vote. The certain age is 18 years old. If a citizen is 18 years old or older and they commit a felony and go to prison, depending on what state they’re is in, their right to vote may be suspended for a certain period of time or taken away completely. I don’t think it is fair how some states take away a felon’s right to vote once they get out of prison. States who enforce laws that take away the right to…

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