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Asian Republic terms or service agreement
By joining the "Asian Republic" also known as "#9UPPJVC9", you agree and acknowledge to this agreement and understand that one or more violations of the clan rules will lead to immediate termination of "Clan membership". Only the "supreme leader" and/or "Asian Council" may modify, and/or abolish this agreement.
The "Supreme Leader" and the "Asian Council" reserves the right to do action such as, but aren't limited to: altering, giving exceptions, and terminating "Clan Membership" at ANY POINT IN TIME WITHOUT NOTICE. ALL "Clan Members" must follow this document and acknowledge it, regardless of rank or other factors.
The terms within quotation marks will be further defined in the glossary in section
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(VII)- During clan wars ONLY THE TOP 5 MEMBERS MAY DONATE TROOPS. This is to ensure quality of troops.

Section (B) - Clan wars
(I)- The “Asian Republic” is known for its victorious wars. In order to keep that, a number of rules have been applied specifically to clan wars.
(II)- If you would prefer not to participate in a clan war, please opt-out of wars.
(III)- Please note that at any point in time, a “Co-leader”, and/or “Leader” may override this choice, forcing you into the war.
(IV)- Any “Clan Member” who is “Member rank” will have their “Clan Membership” terminated if they do not use at least 1 attack in “Clan War”. It is encouraged that all “Clan members” use both attacks during the “Clan war”.
(V)- As stated in section (A), keep all conversations regarding clan wars to complements and/or creative criticism.
(VI)- Remember, that this is a game.
(VII)- Every so often, we are matched with an “open” clan. In this case, we often send our spies over to investigate. The spies keep track of enemy behavior, clan castle troops, bases, etc. Spies are encouraged to get “Cheap CO” and kick everyone out of the enemy
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(VI)- The clan description and settings shall not be altered without asking the “Asian Council” and/or the “Supreme Leader”.
(VII)- All person(s) with the power to terminate “Clan membership” shall not misuse the power.
Section (D)-Clan Emergency
(I)- In case of a clan emergency such as an account hijack, the “Clam members” must act appropriately.
(II)- If a “Co-leader” account has been hijacked, all other “Co-leaders” must quickly promote EVERYONE TO “CO-LEADER” AND SEND CLAN MAIL TO EXPLAIN WHAT HAS OCCURRED.
(III)This shall only be used if the hijacked account begins to kick “Clan members” for no apparent reason.
(IV)- If an “elder” account has been hijacked, a “Co-leader” or higher shall immediately demote that “elder” to prevent further damages.
(V) If any “Clan members” have been kicked due to account hijacking, immediately re-invite all the victims of the purge.
(VI)- If the “Leader” (AKA SUPREME LEADER)’s account has been hijacked, very little can be done. All witnesses shall take evidence as the hijacking

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