Drunk Driving Informative Speech

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It is the time that we put drunk driving on the brakes. Drunk driving is a very large problem, and has been for a very long while. In fact, “In 1995 more than 1.4 million people were arrested for driving while intoxicated, nearly 10 percent of all arrests made that year (Hingston 1).” Now think about how those statistics have changed over the years. My invention is the Steering Sober. It is a sleeve for the steering wheel that measures BAC levels and fingerprint to prevent carjacking and DUI. I’m going to tell you about the need for the idea, the product, and how this will help Global Needs Solutions Inc.
Drunk driving is one of the curses of the earth, a problem that came with human nature. There are chilling statistics about driving under influence, and terrible stories. There were nearly twenty thousand traffic fatalities in 1995 due to alcohol, and 300 thousand people injured due to alcohol (Hingston 1). Once again, this was 1990 and it is the 21st century. There was once a case of a man named Duncan Smith. Duncan Smith only had two alcoholic drinks and was still driving under the influence. He’d passed all of his sobriety tests, but his BAC levels were still 0.09 (FindLaw 1). Why did America let Duncan Smith ride? He had no idea he was
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There are other inventions, like the BreathAdvisor. The machine tells you your BAC levels and gives you phone numbers for cabs (Green 1). But is that stopping people under the influence? Some people are unwilling to buy a cab and think it will be fine. So we need a bigger solution than that. There is also DADDS, another car technology for drunk driving. DADDS’ Drunk Driving car tech will add to the price of a car (Ferguson 1). Who would want to buy a pricey car, especially if they don’t drink? I want to make a car technology that will add very little to the price of the car. America is worth a good

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