Argumentative Essay: The Punishment Of Drunk Drivers

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Action needs to be taken about drunk drivers in America. Because of all of the intoxicated people getting behind the wheel, thousands of people end up losing their lives a year; therefore, the State should suspend drunk driver’s license. Not only can this teach them a valuable lesson, it can save thousands of lives and billions of dollars in damages. People only have one life, so it is the most precious thing in this world. To keep the roads and people safe, drunk drivers need a more severe punishment. For this reason, everybody should receive one chance to make the right decision regarding drinking and driving. In the year 2015, 26.9 percent of people of the age 18 up reported that they consumed a heavy amount of alcohol in the previous …show more content…
Usually after, the child will learn their lesson, and hopefully the drunk driver will too. Therefore, if people got punished for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, they might learn their lesson. People need to realize that nothing good comes from driving intoxicated, and providing this punishment will help them realize it. Everybody knows someone who has either driven under the influence or be hit by someone who was driving under the influence. If a tipsy person would just take the extra precaution by calling a saxi service or a friend, lives throughout the nation would be better. Not everybody deserves a license, especially if they are going to drink and drive. Not only does drunk driving cause people their lives, it costs billions of dollars in damages. This includes medical fees, damages in cars, jail fees, and possibly funeral fees. In 2010, there was an estimated 44 billion dollars in damages (Drunk Driving, paragraph 1). This increases tax money and insurance money, that comes out of the pockets of Americans. In the end, if drunk driving got cut down, money would tremendously saved, and everybody would feel

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