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  • Alcoholism In Society

    down at least once a week, to enjoy an alcoholic beverage. A great amount of these people fail to realize that drinking is what leads to rampant behavior, endangering the lives of others by drunk driving, and in the long run, addiction. These people are only thinking of the short-term effects, and not the negative long-term consequences. People who commonly turn to alcohol, ultimately begin to neglect their families and other responsibilities, therefore wrecking the lives of loved ones and their own as well; we tend to see this most in teens. Alcoholism has been around for a very long time as it states What exactly is alcoholism? This simply means that an individual has no self control and does not care for the consequences that will emerge if he or she continues to consume massive intakes of alcohol without any type regard for the safety and well being of his own and his surroundings. There are many definitions when it comes to alcoholism, but the point that everyone agrees on is the negative effects it has, especially on teens. Alcohol abuse amongst teenagers is a growing burden for many parents and, hopefully, governments all over the world. The aftereffect of teenage alcohol abuse has been generally reported and known, yet very little has been done to put a stop to alcohol abuse in the United States and throughout many nations, where there are illegal liquor houses and unlicensed production of alcohol is widespread. Teenagers tend to use alcohol and many other drugs for…

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  • Alcoholism In Elderly

    Alcoholism is a serious health issue that affects millions of people and their loved ones every day. “Alcohol dependence refers to a medical illness characterized by loss of control, preoccupation with alcohol, continued alcohol use despite adverse consequences, and physiological symptoms such as withdrawal and tolerance” (Dawoodi & De Sousa, 2012, 208). Unfortunately, as more people continue to get older they come to rely on alcohol for the perceived physical and psychological benefits (Dawoodi…

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  • The Stigmas Of Alcoholism

    Alcoholism is a chronic illness that gets a lot of stigma on a daily basis. Many people do not understand the illness and that it is a disease. They see it as a burden and a problem. If someone decides to not drink when they go out the person automatically thinks that the person is a recovering alcoholic. Many of the nurses that I work with have an exasperated behavior towards alcoholics, these patients are not the ones they want to care for and seem irritated to have to deal with these type of…

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  • Alcoholism In America

    Alcohol is the third leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States. Each year an estimated 87,000 deaths occur due to alcohol(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013 Alcohol consumption in the United States has continued to remain popular despite all of the negative effects. Alcoholism is defined as A chronic, progressive pathological condition, mainly affecting the nervous and digestive systems, caused by the excessive and habitual consumption of alcohol (The American…

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  • Alcoholism In Russia

    The Multi-advertisement of wines and spirits has motivated the over consumptions of alcohol in Russia. Given that alcoholism, in general, impairs the reasoning capacity, the consumption caused the heavy drinking and moderate use that increased with time. The current state of alcoholism has resulted in reduced national productivity as well as multiple internal conflicts. J. True notes that the widespread “alcohol abuse [contributed] to Russia 's endemic domestic violence” problem (True, 2013, p.…

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  • Teenage Alcoholism

    There is a problem in our country and it is underage drinking. In this essay I will be talking about teenage alcoholism, how it is dangerous, the risks, and how to detect if your child is drinking. There are many dangers to drinking at a young age and it is also illegal. Alcohol is considered a drug because it reduces a person’s ability to think. All states have underage drinking problems and drinking and driving it is a growing problem in the United States. Teenage Alcoholism is when people…

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  • What Is Alcoholism?

    Alcoholics are ill people who need compassion and understanding; not bad people who can be treated with anger and indifference. Treating alcoholics condescendingly can make them defensive, hostile, and push them farther away from the treatment they need. Instead of asking for help, they may deny that they need it and try to use their own power to fix their problem (Miller 59). Alcoholism is a disease that can affect anyone, Christians and non-Christians; recovery, however is most effective…

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  • Alcoholism Research Paper

    ALCOHOLISM: TRUTHS BEHIND IT ALL Alcohol is the number one leading cause of teen deaths in the United States. People who drink alcohol are at higher risks of getting in trouble with the law. Half of the people in jail and hospitals are in some way linked to alcohol use. In 1920 during the Prohibition Era people drank more than they had when there was no Prohibition. Alcohol has many after effects such as: damage to a person’s body, withdrawal, and both mental and physical effects. Family members…

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  • Alcoholism Essay

    Alcohol is a socially accepted drink, but too often people take it too far. Although alcoholism isn 't a disease, it can certainly cause many severe health problems. Alcohol is considered to be a gateway drug, and can lead to an addiction. the definition of a gateway drug is a habit-forming drug that, while not itself addictive, may lead to the use of other addictive drugs. A recent study shows the first drug used amount 12th graders consist of alcohol, tobacco or marijuana. The results had…

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  • Alcoholism Treatment Essay

    Alcoholism Treatment Orangetown Alcoholism treatment: Alcoholism treatment is a precise program of medical and psychological care for the alcohol addicted person. Alcoholism treatment can vary by approach, and is often customizable to the needs of the patient. Drug Treatment Centers alcoholism treatment protocols are well-rounded and serve to treat the whole person, mind and body. What is alcoholism? Alcoholism is an addiction to alcohol that forms through a build-up of tolerance and resulting…

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