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  • Analysis Of The Upside Down Kingdom

    I plan to create awareness, share information, and I hope to motivate people within the range of my voice to engage in the concept and calling of The Upside Down Kingdom. I further hope to engage the congregation, as well as individuals, in new ways of thinking about liberation, ethics, and justice. Within the context of the Abundant Life Center, I believe the true meaning of these words have been minimized or lack of direction given in our ministries. Kraybill states, for example, “Justice has become a worn out, hallow expression, an abstract and detached battle cry.” The congregation struggles, just as Kraybill stated much of society does with honoring the true implications of injustices that effect so many. The primary function of society becomes a reaffirmation, protection, and perpetuation of this “collective or common conscience.” I hope to provide the congregation with the opportunity to hear concepts in new and direct ways that reflect our true calling as a community of Christ, but further more as human beings. It is my hope to help open the eyes of the congregation to see the real needs of our community. Apostle Charles Neff said, “When I think of the mission of the Church, I am frequently compelled to recall the face of the poorest and most helpless person I have ever seen and ask myself if the program we are undertaking will be of any use to that person.” May this Praxis help us to look through that lens. Community of Christ is dedicated to upholding and…

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  • Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange: Singin In The Rain

    Few films have replicated the controversy of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange (1971). Created during the ‘Golden age of American Film violence’ between the 1960s and early 1970s and based on the Anthony Burgess novella of the same name. The Orwellian, science-fiction film, catalogues the life and crimes of antagonist Alex Delarge; a young, violent and hedonistic deliquent with an enthusiastic appreciation for music, specifically German composer, Ludwig van Beethoven. Alex’s ‘droogs’, Dim,…

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  • A Clockwork Orange And The Monk

    Defective of characteristics traditional to the protagonist, the antihero possesses an unscrupulous lack of morality and ardour to achieve the greater good; thus still a protagonist of the narrative, yet serves as a subversion of the traditional hero archetype. Although often the antithesis of the archetypal protagonist, the antihero gains begrudged sympathy and an extent of understanding from the reader that separates itself from the concept of the antagonist. Despite…

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  • Mr Socrates Character Analysis

    Mister Socrates by Choi Jin-won Choi Jin-won directs and pens ‘’Mister Socrates’’, a not typical gangster film but a movie which combines comedy, crime, drama and social commentary. The main character is Ku Dong-Hyeok (Kim Rae-won), who is a high-school drop-out and low-level thug. He shows no respect to other people, he has no ethics and he just loves to beat people. One night, while he reports the accidental murder of a friend of his by another friend, he gets kidnaped by a gang. He is kept…

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  • A Clockwork Orange Antisocial Analysis

    around Alex, the main character and also the narrator. The movie starts with Alex and his group beating up an old man because they disliked how he sound while singing. As the movie progresses on you see a couple more scenes of violence. A particulary important scene is when Alex and his drooges invaded the Author's house and raped his wife. It's clear that Alex enjoys causing distress in other people but he also has a problem. While Alex is the leader of the group, has trouble listening to his…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Speech By Edward R. Murrow

    Speech #1 Edward R. Murrow, a CBS reporter and war correspondent delivered a report from Buchenwald, Germany on April 16, 1945. He delivered this dialect upon seeing the atrocities committed by the Germans towards the Jews. He addresses the American people, describing the scene he had witnessed at this labor camp, which he found the scene to be so unbelievable that he is rendered speechless many times through out his speech. Murrow’s outrage is so apparent through-out his account, that it is…

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  • A Clockwork Orange Analysis

    Analysis of Burgess’s childhood confirms the psychoanalytic theory that Alex and his fictional experiences within A Clockwork…

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  • Analysis Of Soliloquy In Othello

    In Act 2 Scene 3 of William Shakespeare’s play Othello, we hear a soliloquy of Iago. Soliloquies are essential in a play as it is the only time the actor is able to explain their thought process to the audience. In typical soliloquies, the character is not acting for someone else. The character, in essence, is able to portray his/her true self. Through Iago’s soliloquy, the audience is able to hear his malicious intentions. The audience is introduced to his evil mind though his appalling tone,…

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  • A Clockwork Orange Free Will Analysis

    brought that question to life in a film called A Clockwork Orange. This film portrays a young man named Alex, who is a criminal gang leader, and participates in the Ultra-Violence. Does Alex have the free will to choose his fate as a dangerous, drug-induced criminal in society or is has his fate been predetermined since birth? Could the environment in which he lives be the ultimate cause of his terrible actions? Does he have the option to make moral decisions on his own or is the government of…

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  • Character Analysis: The Clockwork Orange

    “Am I just to be a clockwork orange?” is the quote the entire book, The Clockwork Orange focuses around. It shows the yearning of all humans to be able to think for themselves and make their own decisions. The Clockwork Orange, written by Anthony Burgess uses the main character, Alex, to express the significance of individual freedom in contrast to doing what is right. Throughout the book, Alex is put through many ordeals that leave him inquiring whether it is better to have no choice in his…

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