Aldol condensation

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  • Aldol Condensation Synthesis

    The purpose of this experiment was to use aldol condensation methods to synthesize colored cyclopentadienone and then UV/VIS spectrophotometry to characterize the dienone structure synthesized. The information gathered from the UV/VIS analysis was then compared to a computer model of the desired product to analyze the optimal 3D structure of the dienone. The base catalyzed condensation reaction was used to form the product for analysis, followed by vacuum filtration to recover the product. Both a melting point analysis and a UV/VIS analysis were used to analyze the composition of the obtained product. Finally, the computer model was examined to learn about the optimal angles and strain within the molecule. The dibenzylketone, 1,3-diphenyl-2-propanone,…

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  • Aldol Condensation Lab Report

    There are several different reactions that can be utilized in order to end with a product that includes the synthesis of carbon-carbon bonds, however for this experiment the reaction that was utilized is aldol condensation. An aldol condensation is when an enolizable aldehyde or ketone undergoes a reaction, in the presence of a base or acid, and gives a beta unsaturated ketone or aldehyde (Utah Valley University, 2009). This type of reaction can also add carbonyls to a compound, using similar…

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  • World Hunger Essay

    Global warming, terrorism, illiteracy, natural disasters, hunger. These are some of the many problems that the Earth, as a global community, combats frequently. However, one problem stands out. It stands out because, unlike some others, the solution is seemingly so obvious and so simple. It is the problem of hunger and poverty. Indeed, according to World Food Programme (WHP), it is the world’s greatest solvable problem. They point out that “no scientific breakthroughs are needed to solve…

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  • Wealth Inequality In U. F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

    Boldly stated within a viral video titled "Wealth Inequality in America" is that "[most people] certainly don 't have to go as far as Socialism to find something that is fair for hardworking Americans," a statement that colorfully highlights one of the largest issues in America today: the wealth gap. Using statistics, the creator of the video proves that the saying “While the rich get richer, the poor get poorer” is true; as the rich are given an excess of opportunities to gain more money, the…

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  • The American Dream: Leading Cause Of Crime

    The, “American Dream,” is practically the leading cause of crime in the United States. Why do people commit crimes? Often for money and personal gain, but why? Often you will see people who commit crimes just to make ends meet, but more often than not you see people committing an excess of crime, and why do you think they do this? To live the “American Dream” and give their lives a sense of meaning. Wealth is glamorized in today’s culture. When you have role models, athletes, politicians, and…

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  • Domestic Violence And Structural Violence

    illegal activity. “ Between 1984 and 1992 the average salary in the informal sector grew by 10%, while in the formal sector the increase was only 3%.”(Rubio 805-816) In a greater sense, the growth of the Colombian economy is powered informal sector. Consequently, the elite, upper class and upper middle class are the main bodies behind this growth. Therefore, the poorer part of the community is left with scarce resources, uneducated and exploited. The greatest challenge, as a result, is security…

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  • An Overview Of Income Inequality

    Someone once said, “The rich get richer; there’s no denying that. They get a lot richer. And the poor get – well, what do they get? Too often, they get ignored. Or we don’t even know who they are.” In today’s economy there has been an issue about the unfair distribution of wealth, which is causing a major gap between the rich and poor. Slowly, the Middle and lower classes are disappearing from the economy while, a small part of people are getting richer. The truth is, the gaps between classes…

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  • Gender Inequality In The Civil War

    Introduction On November 19, 1863, President Lincoln delivered a speech during the dedication of the battlefield cemetery at Gettysburg, which hit every main point in less then two minutes. One line in particular, Lincoln states, “It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.” (Burns, 2012). Inequality had brought on the civil war, with the issues of slavery and central power which had divided the United…

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  • Leonard Pitts Here's The Real Face Of Poverty

    “Here’s the Real Face of Poverty,” is a article written by Leonard Pitts, a commentator. Pitts argues against how Republicans view what is poverty and what being poor really looks and feels like in today’s society. Pitts also discusses the hypocrisy with Republicans as well. In today’s world, poverty is known to be people who are on welfare and foodstamps and feed off the government assistance. On T.V you see them living in broken homes and if you are lucky, you might just see them with both…

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  • Media Fragmentation Analysis

    Income Inequality, Media Fragmentation, And Increased Political Polarization by John Duca looks at the several factors that has increased polarization in the United States. First Duca examined the concept of income inequality. Income inequality is the concept that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and polarization is created from policies that cause that concept to only increase. Duca puts his hypothesis to test by comparing house polarization (Congress) to income inequality trends.…

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