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  • Misconception Of Alcohol

    There are several myths and misconceptions surrounding alcohol consumption. But at the heart of all such myths is the fact that alcohol consumption and its processing depends on various factors such as age, size and gender, among others. Here are some myths on alcohol consumption that do not hold true in reality. Myth 1: Soft liquor doesn’t get you drunk. A common misconception centers on soft liquor and its alcoholic effects. Don’t assume that drinking of soft liquors like wine or beer means less alcohol content in your blood, which means lesser chances of you getting drunk. The factor that influences your intoxication levels depends not on the type of drinks you consume but on their quantity. So, whether it’s hard liquor (like gin and vodka) or soft liquor, you…

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  • Alcohol Advertising

    Advertisers promote alcohol products and their use through the world wide web and various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so forth. Young people, more specifically between the ages of 12 to 17 are inclined to be affected by alcohol related issues because of the advertising strategies several alcohol companies have put in place. While these advertisements benefit an individual alcohol company, there are many disadvantages in regards to how the promotion of alcohol negatively…

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  • Alcohol And Cardiovascular Disease

    Alcohol and cardiovascular disease risk The relationship between alcohol and cardiovascular disease risk has long been established, with over a hundred studies examining this relationship over more than three decades. While high alcohol intakes are associated with many causes of morbidity and mortality such as cirrhosis of the liver and a variety of cancers, alcohol intake has been frequently and consistently been associated with an inverse association with the risk of cardiovascular disease.…

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  • Alcohol Among Adolescents

    It might be surprising to many, but the concern about the use of alcohol among adolescents has been on the rise over the past few decades. Bearing this in mind it is important to understand what exactly alcohol is and what it is classified under. Consequently, it has been classified as a depressant, which is something that impedes the nervous system within the body. Thus, to a considerable extent the most commonly abused form of depressant is no other than alcohol. Henceforth, although during…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Alcohol

    “ Did you know alcohol allows misuse of alcohol results in the death of 2.5 million people worldwide annually”? (, n.d.) Excessive alcohol abuse is detrimental to our society because of peer pressure, the need for young people to escape their lives and forget their troubles, or drown their sorrow. “(,my life.) Alcohol can cause early death in life”. Alcohol can make the body do things that you will not remember and can cause health issues. Not all people abuse alcohol. Some…

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  • Alcohol Informative Speech

    First off what is alcohol? Is it a drug, medicine, or a beverage? Alcohol is known as a depressant. It messes with your ability to react with movement, your speech, and your ability to speak. In other words it’s a drug that affects a person’s mind to think rationally and distorts his/her judgements. Alcohol is a drug because it messes up with your thoughts and just like any other drug, it’s easy to get ahold of it. It’s not injected nor smoked, but consumed as a liquid. There’s different types…

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  • Effects Of Alcohol Advertisements

    are one of the most advertised products in today’s culture. In fact according to a recent study at University of Texas at Austin “Spending on alcohol ads have shot up 400% over the last four decades.” (Kaufman). It is one thing for an adult of legal age to view alcohol ads in media, but when an adolescent is exposed to so much, it is detrimental to their development. Using statistics and studies on the effects of advertisements on youth it will be clear that alcohol…

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  • Alcohol Effects On The Brain

    Alcohol is known for two major effects. The inhibition of the brain causing slurred speech and impaired body movement and a pleasurable sensation caused by increased dopamine levels. Alcohol also impacts the production of serotonin which is responsible for mood regulation. Gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) is one of the brain's natural inhibitors, in fact, it is actually the predominant inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brains central nervous system. Normally the brain naturally regulates the…

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  • Is Alcohol Good Or Bad

    A lot of people believe that drinking alcohol is bad, especially when they're talking to the younger ones. What they're actually supposed to say is that they're not meant for children. That is because we all know that alcohol consumption is not actually bad for the health. However, just like everything else in the world, too much is definitely not good. Alcohol was actually meant to be just a normal drink. During the ancient times, wine is the most popular alcoholic drink since it was…

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  • Alcohol By Teenagers

    The abuse of alcohol by teenagers is a rapidly growing problem. In this day and age, alcohol is presented to the public in glamor of a guaranteed good time, but does not show the consequences that come with it, including other problems outside of the law. Teenagers involved in the consumption of alcohol often times begin to see a decline in their academic performance. Failing grades due to the lack of sleep over the weekend because of partying takes a greater toll on the body than teenagers…

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