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  • Bottled Beer

    Beer is defined as the alcoholic beverage obtained through the yeast fermentation of malted cereals with added hops [1]. Quality factors are extremely important to take into account in beer production due to the fact that consumers preferences have been constantly changing and, nowadays, they are demanding more premium products [2]. Amongst the most significant quality components to focus on are the visual attributes such as foam stability, foam texture which is given by the bubbles size, colour and clarity, as they constitute the first impression that consumers perceive. Nevertheless, other parameters such as alcohol content that determines the strength of beer, amount of carbon dioxide (CO2), flavour stability (as bottled beer is likely to…

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  • Alcoholic Beer

    particular way. Alcoholic beverages are never just entertainment tools; they are pushing society to move forward. The alcoholic beverage that is most widespread, and most well-known is beer. [1] There are a lot of different types of beer. Almost every country has their own unique ways to make beer. But we can still divide them into two main types according to their fermentation technique. Lager, is the name for those beers that are fermented and stored under…

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  • Beer Consumption Essay

    IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT PROJECT PROPOSAL ON Beer Consumption Trends of the People in Auckland, New Zealand STUDENT NAME: Rajan Sigdel STUDENT ID: 1000019226 JANUARY 2016 Academic supervisor: Mr. Freddy Bariava INTRODUCTION and BACKGROUND Being a multicultural country, New Zealand is largely seen as a cautious society regarding alcohol use. But with the passage of time, traditional sanctions and caste-bound restraints have disappeared. The use of alcohol affects all strata of society.…

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  • The Beer Industry Essay

    the exciting and vibrant world of craft beer these days it may seem to some that women do not play much of a role at all, besides as props in ads. This could not be further from the truth, currently there are women all over the world working within every facet of the beer industry. Whether it be sommeliers, sales reps, hop farmers, or even head brewster at some of the oldest and most historic breweries or some of the newest ground breaking ones. Brewster is actually the feminine form of…

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  • Origin Of Beer Essay

    The origins of beer are closely aligned with the origins of civilization. While it was originally thought that humans began cultivating grains for making bread, recent evidence from Natufian culture (~10,000 B.C.) suggests that brewing beer may have been the primary motivation for domesticating grains (Hayden, Canuel and Shanse). Specifically, certain tools discovered at Natufian sites, such as “grinding stones,” “stone mortars,” and “stone pestles,” along with grain and liquid storage…

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  • Hanoi Beer Case Study

    of Contents Executive Summary Part I. Company introduction Hanoi beer, or Habeco is a famous brand in the Vietnamese beer industry. However, the beer might be only well known and widely consumed in the north of Vietnam. Established in 1958, through 57 years of development, Hanoi beer has become one dispensable part of Vietnamese capital’s culture and gain a numerous number of loyalty customers. Specially, in Hanoi market, Habeco dominates with 90 percent of market share. The…

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  • German Beer Styles Essay

    Beer Styles and Beer History in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages recorded in human history. The first forms of beer were documented in Mesopotamia 3000 years BC as well as in Europe around the same time. Ever since then beer became an important part of German culture and lifestyle. It rose to become the national drink and the emblem of the people. There is hardly a second country in the world where there is a greater variety of beer than in Germany. Each…

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  • Fermentation And Beer Making Essay

    Beer is an alcoholic beverage that consist of four main ingredients such as, Water, Barley, and Hops. Yeast was added in the 19th century. Which was an ancient fermentation back then as well after Louis Pasteur identified it as the ancient fermentation way. Although beer is still made from these exact ingredients but this list has never been complete theirs new spices and new ingredients that have been part of the Brew master 's Tool Kit, Including other grains such as sugars, fruits,…

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  • Boston Beer Company Values Analysis

    Values- For both The Boston Beer Company and Molson Coors, people and family are one of their top core values. With a great family dynamic in mind and wanting to keep family tradition Jim Koch, creator of the Samuel Adams, found his grandfathers recipe creating the passion his grandfather had for beer. The first recipe Jim Koch created was named after Samuel Adams, representing an American founder and The Boston Beer Company has since kept it, being one of the top American lagers. This American…

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  • Kathy Padden: A Brief History Of Beer

    No one is exactly sure how the process of beer making became to be but according to Kathy Padden, author of A Brief history of Beer, Beer can be traced back at least six thousand years, to the ancient civilization of Sumeria. A hymn, entitled “Hymn to Ninkasi,” which includes (translated): Ninkasi, you are the one who pours out the filtered beer of the collector vat. It is [like] the onrush of Tigris and Euphrates. Padden believes that it was possibly found because the Mesopotamian natives…

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