Beer Consumption Essay

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Auckland International campus
Beer Consumption Trends of the People in Auckland, New Zealand

STUDENT NAME: Rajan Sigdel
STUDENT ID: 1000019226
Academic supervisor: Mr. Freddy Bariava

Being a multicultural country, New Zealand is largely seen as a cautious society regarding alcohol use. But with the passage of time, traditional sanctions and caste-bound restraints have disappeared. The use of alcohol affects all strata of society. The alcohol industry is powerful and enjoys a stronghold on the national economy generating one of the highest revenues. Alcohol Policy favors the marketing to the product, and alcohol is available everywhere
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However, we limit ourselves to the pages of the text, which overtime prevents us from a proper understanding of practical work.

The primary objective of this study has been to find out the beer consumption trends of the people in Auckland City, New Zealand.

The aims and objectives of the research are:
-To find out people taste and preferences in beers in Auckland City.
-To find out the types of beer, people mostly consume in Auckland City.
-To determine the consumption behavior of the consumers.
-To determine the consumption pattern in the Auckland Central.
-To undertake investigation in order to access the present situation of the beer consumption trend in Auckland City.
-To identify the strength and weakness of different brand of beer.
-To provide recommendation to the management of Lion and DB brewery of New Zealand.

The secondary objective of this objective of this project emphasizes us to blend the practical world with the theories we learn. It provides us with an opportunity of learning as well as developing our managerial skills in a practical and ever changing environment. This certainly helped us i9n familiarizing ourselves with the real word scenario. Mentioned below are some of the secondary objectives of this
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Most of the beers we see in the bars, disco halls, clubs and pubs in Auckland are comes from the 2 biggest breweries of New Zealand. That is: Lion Breweries and DB Breweries.
The Lion Breweries beers are: Speight (Gold Medal Ale, Summit Lager, Mid Ale and Summit Citrus), Steinlager (Ginger, Classic, Pure and Mid), Lion (Red and Brown), Waikato Draught, Black Ice, Lion Ice and Rheineck.
The DB Breweries beers are: DB (Bitter, Export and Draught), Amstel, Desperados, Erdinger, Weissbier, Flame, Heineken, Monteith’s (Brewer’s Series and Brewing Co) Murphy’s, Sol, Tiger and Tui.
(NOTE: Amstel, Desperados, Erdinger Weissbier, Murphy’s, Heineken and Tiger beers are proudly brewed with the mixology of fine ingredients of New Zealand under licence by DB Breweries at Waitemata Brewery in

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