Behavioural genetics

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  • Nature Vs Nurture In Human Development

    In an attempt to understand human development process many psychologists for centuries have come up with different development theories and one of them is nature vs nurture. It is the most debated and complex theory in the study of human development. Those who are strong supporters of the nature believe that gene and heredity factors play a predominant role in determining who we are—from our physical appearance to behavioral traits. They emphasize the influence of heredity, universal maturational processes guided by the genes, biologically based or innate predisposition produced by evolution, and biological influence such as hormones and neurotransmitter(cite) to understand the process of human development(cite). On the other hand, those who strongly believe in nurture emphasize environment—influence outside the person and learning—the process through which experience bring about relatively permanent changes in thoughts, feelings or behavior (cite). They argue that human personality is exclusively the result of childhood experience, how they were raised, their social relationship and surrounding culture. However, now many researchers have come up with the idea that it’s not either nature (heredity) or nurture (environment) that plays dominant role in the human behavior but it’s actually the interaction between both of them which shapes human personality. I also agree that it’s not nature or nurture but nature and nurture which make us what we are. I and my sister, who is…

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  • Nature Vs Nurture In Children

    The debate of nature versus nurture has been ongoing for quite some time. Which one influences us more? Is it nature? This provides our genotype, or our genetic code. Or is it nurture? This is our environmental influences in the origins of behavior and mental processes (Rathus 56). Both of these contribute to who we are, but which one impacts us the most? This is what psychologists have been trying to determine for years. Sure, nature plays the role of determining what we look like physically,…

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  • Biological Implicants Of Genetics

    When talking about genetics one is referring to the biological constitutional implicants of which sees us being defined by specified characterististics such as through physical and behavioural implicants. In reference to Michael and his lifestyle his physical and behavioural implicants can be found to be absorbed and encouraged by those who are found within his home environment. As children we mimic attitudes and perceptual beliefs into our own classification to make them unique to one’s own…

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  • Construction Of Human Nature Essay

    It would be inadequate to assume that human nature amounts simply to a set of innate potentials, and as such; that behavioural traits are derived from Innate Potentials alone. Human nature is subject to innate potentials as well as environmental and cultural Inputs. Human Nature, which is, denoting something that all human beings share, is predominantly hereditary, and found to be a result of human evolution, as such, it has been traditionally related to the idea of universality, which is the…

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  • Summary Of Evolution Theory By Natural Selection

    Evolution is the change in the heritable traits and genetic codes of biological populations over successive generations which can give rise to biological diversity. Generally, evolution also define as the process which modern organisms have descended from ancient ancestors and the process by which different kinds of living organism are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth. The genetic differences that are heritable will passed on to their offspring or the…

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  • Case Study On Huntington's Disease

    Area of Study 3 – Investigating an Issue • How is Huntington’s Disease inherited and what are the consequences and treatments for this genetic disorder? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Huntington’s Disease is a specific neurological condition that affects the brain and nervous system. This specific disease is inherited by an autosomal dominant pattern meaning a single copy of the altered gene in each cell may cause the…

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  • Biological Influences On Personality Research

    From a biological view, genetic and internal physiological factors contribute and influence personality. Its considered the genes which we inherit contribute to why people are successful and can challenge social influences and natural environments. Thus, which one is more significant, the environmental factors, or inherited genes for an individual's personality to develop. Psychology theorist such as Gordon Allport, Raymond Cattel and Hans Eysenck, put forward traits of personality can be…

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  • Domestication Of B. Taurus Essay

    from a small population of Aurochsen in the Near East. A 2015 study looking at the genetic prehistory of B.taurus concluded that the founding females of the population of domesticated cattle was 81 females. The study used the mitochondria DNA of 193 ancient Iranian cattle samples and 527 modern domesticated cattle from the Near East. The study showed that there was a domestic bottleneck of B.taurus, meaning that the species was established by the bottleneck limiting the available genes in the…

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  • What Is Nature Or Nurture

    and how both nature and nurture influence who we individually are as a person. As stated by Kevin Davies, “It seems reasonable to think that many personality and behavioural traits will not be exclusively the province of nature or nurture, but rather an inextricable combination of both,” Davies, K. (2001, April 17). Nature vs. Nurture Revisited. Retrieved September 28, 2017, from Nature greatly affects us mostly through our…

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  • Examples Of Nature Vs Nurture

    Take example of the genetic disorder PKU. This genetic disorder is a genetically inheritance of two recessive genes. A person living with PKU will be unable to break down the amino acid phenylalanine that may causing brain damage. However, if on the first 12 years, a child living with this disease is place on a low-protein diet, he will beat this serious disease. The disorder PKU is a (nature factor) did not grow because of a low diet which is an (environmental or nurture factor). One could also…

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