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  • Sorrow Of The Lonely And The Burning Of The Dancers: An Analysis

    I believe the liberal connotations of the Bektashi order compared to other Islamic movements, along with its suppression following the dictatorship, left in hand more of a social identity amongst Albanians rather than a strict following of its doctrines. I no longer seek to religion for explanations of the unordinary, but rather use my personal interpretation and rather secular beliefs to make sense of it. The Kuran is a large doctrine that Bektashism follows, granted with many added amendments, but a text that limits my ability on where and what to believe in. I found reason not to believe on the interpretation of the baba, although mostly charismatic men who attempted to simplify the complicated questions in life. I engaged with them in conversations about soccer games, my family went…

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  • Cosmogony Theory

    rejected Old Testament and they are against the activity of the church in public matters. The cosmogony theory was very popular in the Ottoman Empire and there were some sects of Islam that believe in Cosmogony. There were some Shia heterodox community called kizilbash and alevi tribes resided in the region of Bulgaria believed in cosmogony. They migrated to Pre-Ottoman period and they adapted some beliefs from Orthodox Church such as cosmogony. They used to believe that the creation of the…

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