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  • Guatemala Research Paper

    The Belize- Guatemala territorial dispute is in imprinted in history from more than a century ago. Today it still floods, Belize and Guatemala’s social media and news reports; and is the hottest topic for discussion in everyone’s mouth currently in both countries. This dispute is the cause of Spain’s claim to the New World also known as the Treaty of Tordesillas. Mayas had driven out the Spanish, and shipwrecked English seamen had begun settling in the area. The Godolphin Treaty of 1670 stated that all English settlements that were populated by the British were to be for the British. Britain begun to retract their forts in Belize and gave Spain control over the land. However the Baymen’s views were not taken into consideration with all of this change so they revolted when they were to be cast out of the settlement. Spain attempt to cast out the Baymen is what is known today as the 1798 Battle of St. George’s Caye, which left Spain unsuccessful. Since the Battle of St. George’s Caye the Baymen were not involved in any treaty with Spain and in 1862 the Baymen joined the…

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  • Israel Alpuche: A Short Story

    "17 Km from Caracol" Israel Alpuche As I stood atop of Caracol1 I became one with nature, amazed at such beauty that my country beheld. The lush green trees, the fresh air, and the breathtaking mountain views made me envy the Mayas who once stood where I was. After a few intakes of breath, I strapped my backpack once again, grabbed my rifle and moved on as I reviewed my mission: patrol the jungles, arrest anyone breaking our laws and use force if necessary. About 15km away from the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life As A Christian Education

    My ultimate objective was to bring an awareness of childhood maltreatment in Georgetown village. In Belize, I traveled with a ministry team to the southern district of Georgetown. The village was a remote location where the residents chose to literally secede from the rest of the country. The team was accompanied by some Central Belizean locals, who insisted that there was an exceedingly high rate of childhood maltreatment cases in the village. Unfortunately, I allowed my emotions to take…

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  • Health Issues In Garifuna Culture

    solve a health issue in another culture. Then, it is vital to incorporate the identified health system in determining the best approach for the health issue. This paper will look at the health issue of a target population, the cultural factors that affect the illness, and propose programs that incorporate these cultural factors into the program design. Health Issue The health issue that this paper will focus on is HIV/AIDS among the target population of the Garifuna, a minority in Belize. The…

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  • Family In Belize

    The Family and its Changing Dynamics in Belize The family, in one form or the other, has been with us from the beginning of recorded human history across continents, cultures, and ethnicities. Among the many social institutions that make up our society, it is the most basic, and perhaps, the most essential. It is, according to Macionis, “a social institution, found in all societies, that unites people into cooperative groups to care for one another, including all children” (2012). In a sense,…

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  • Summary Of Mayan History By Clendinnen

    Clendinnen recounts the history of the Yucatan peninsula once the Spanish arrived. She splits her recounting into two sections: the Spanish’s perceptive and the Mayan’s perspective. Clendinnen’s recounting the Spanish side of history demonstrates a struggle not only between the Spanish and the new land and its inhabitants, but also the internal conflicts between the Spanish settlers and the friars. At first she tells us how the Spaniards’ interactions with the natives consisted of tribute…

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  • The Importance Of Vacation In Belize

    Many people have always criticized about not having the best vacation that they can afford, to them they always imagine vacationing to be about the perfect, huge spectacular resorts on a foreign island. If it is not successful they then vacate to a foreign place, otherwise they just stay at home. However, what they don’t realize is that staying at home is not the worst decision that can be made, there is a perfect place where you can visit to have a vacation here at home. Likewise, Belmopan is…

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  • Effects Of Poverty In Belize

    Belize struggles to satisfy basic characteristics of a developed nation. It is identified as a developing country because its standard of living is unfortunately low, people live under inadequate housing conditions and it lacks industrialization. The poverty level of the people of Belize is a sure indicator of the lack of growth in Belize’s economy. According to Prime Minister’s State of the Nation speech 2014, approximately 43% Belizeans are living below the poverty line. A poverty line or…

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  • The Concept Of Nationalism In Belize

    Within the young borders of Belize reside approximately 11 ethnic groups (Shoman, 1994), each with its own varying cultural identity. This variance makes Belize an interesting case in the context of nationalism. Nationalism is centered upon a core of common values that are communicated to the rest of the world through national symbols, traditions, and holidays. The questions of what common values, if any, do Belizeans have and if the national symbols are communicating those values are what drive…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty In Belize

    All around the world, many convicts are being slaughtered in the name of sweet justice by the means of the death penalty. This law is very controversial which should not be effectively active in Belize. Countless debates and research are brought in different countries and nations on the whether to approve or disapprove such a law. Deep consideration should be focused to this issue because of the consequences that affect the community. This law gives ultimate right to the authorities to end the…

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