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  • Success That May Not Be Successful Short Story

    Success That May Not Be Guaranteed At what point in time do you wake up and realize your daily routine is not what you ever pictured it to be? When do you feel the urge to drop everything and start over? These are questions that my nineteen-year-old self asks constantly, and these are the worries that permanently reside in my subconscious when the rest of my thoughts have put me to rest at night. Nineteen is a little too young to relentlessly anguish over troubles that should hit around the…

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  • Inclusive Definitions Of Religion Analysis

    To most people religion is considered to be a form of salvation, enlightment and a place of heaven. Whereas it is being looked at as a way of life. Though, it comprises of telling one complete code of life meaning that it emphasizes the importance of being right and also of being good. Thus, It may considerably condemns those who are considerably bad and those who are wrong. For those who may or are in favor of practicing a religion is measured to strive to be perfect. However, it has said that…

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  • Analysis Of Who Hates Whom: Why Do People Hate Each Other?

    Who Hates Whom: Why Do People Hate Each Other? With independence comes new rules and regulations, which not everybody agrees with wholeheartedly. When it comes to the Americas, political alignment is one of the greatest causes of conflict. Following independence from Spain in 1821, Mexico abolished slavery practices in the whole of the Mexican territory- including present-day Texas. Slaveholders in Texas rebelled against the Mexican government and won their independence in 1836 and re-legalized…

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  • Three Ounces Of Hope And Determination: Character Analysis

    The Preface: Christ Revealed through Weakness Originally, the tales in Three Ounces of Hope and Determination were written as a series of journal entries during my early visits to central Belize. At first, I used the stories as a form of personal therapy to cope with having to leave Belize and return to the States. As I continuously wrote each entry in my journals, the writings assisted me in identifying my various shortcomings along with the victories through my walk with Jesus Christ.…

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  • Roman Catholic Social Movement Analysis

    The Influence of the Roman Catholic in Social Movements Religion is found in all type of society, and there is a varied practice and experience of religion. In some religion, belief in God or gods, prayer and rituals are sacred. However, there are some commonly shared religion aspects of religious experience. Before proceeding, it may be helpful to clarify how religion is being used in this paper. The word religion is derived from the Latin word religiare, which means “harmony,” “make whole,”…

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  • In The Bridal Seamstress

    father had no intentions of returning to Belize to get my siblings and me, my mother kept her promise and came back to Belize and brought my siblings and I to the United States. During my mother’s absence, I suffered great physical, mental and sexual abuse. I was raped by my uncle daily and my grandmother would always excuse his behavior because he was always drunk. My aunt sold my cousins and me to the Spanish and British soldiers that occupied Belize during wartime. The soldiers wanted…

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  • The Importance Of Domestic Violence In Society

    centuries women were known to men for being submissive, and whatever was done to them should be fine. Time has change so why do we operate like we’re in the 1800’s ? There are some cultures whereby that is their notion even now, but in most cultures in Belize women have their rights and still the matter is ignored.…

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  • Social Justice Personal Statement

    It is my belief that social justice is to demonstrate compassion and observing lives of others in a humanitarian perspective. I originally became a social worker because I possessed a strong desire to collaborate with the other professionals who share a similar vision and objective to create positive changes. Through social justice, I serve as an advocate for clients experiencing financial hardships and mistreatment in an uncaring society. As a social worker, I cannot change the…

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  • Four Hieroglyphics In Caracol

    torture weapon because it can not do as much harm as the spheres would, but they could still inflict a lot of pain. They are only trying to hurt the captives and not kill them because they are going to do that when they sacrifice them. In Caracol, Belize, there are four hieroglyphics that were dominant during the Classic era. These hieroglyphics consist of Maya verbs that refer to warfare and the four hieroglyphics are (a) chuc’ah…

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  • Magical Realism In Alejo Carpentier's The Kingdom Of This World

    music, as they danced their way to the ceremonies sites. They would be dressed in full white, some of them would be in customs like they were having a parade or even be marching in a carnival. The way they perform the vodou would be the way we in Belize perform our carnival march. Hype music and enough energy to walk and dance as they march to the end, where the vodou ceremony will take place. The people practicing the vodou would be rejoicing, along with the music feeling the spirit of their…

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