Israel Alpuche: A Short Story

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"17 Km from Caracol" Israel Alpuche
As I stood atop of Caracol1 I became one with nature, amazed at such beauty that my country beheld. The lush green trees, the fresh air, and the breathtaking mountain views made me envy the Mayas who once stood where I was. After a few intakes of breath, I strapped my backpack once again, grabbed my rifle and moved on as I reviewed my mission: patrol the jungles, arrest anyone breaking our laws and use force if necessary. About 15km away from the archeological site, I crossed other Belize Defense Force (BDF) soldiers, and I became fully alert as I entered the area that was sometimes filled with Guatemalans who illegally crossed our borders to exploit our natural resources. Lately there had been more and more encounters,
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Esto es de nosotros!”8

5 Where are you from, who do you answer to?...answer me!
6 I am from not hurt me please.
7 Look at this one; he thinks he 's better than us and cannot even speak proper English.
8Go away from here. This is ours!

He was about to pull the trigger when Corporal Hernandez shouted, which resulted in the his aim being shifted, ending my comrade 's life. Again the weapon was pointed at me; I closed my eyes, prayed and waited for my turn. It was then that I noticed a sudden stir among the group and realized that Sergeant Robins had arrived followed by a queue of the BDF reinforcements.
Seeing that they were overpowered, they immediately surrendered and released me. The bright hospital light shone on me as I lay in the bed. Sergeant Robins entered saying,
“That was quite a scare soldier.” I smiled and responded, “Indeed sir. It was. Thank you for saving my

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