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  • Personal Narrative Christmas In Dixie

    new school he has to choose a concertation for his electives; he picked T.V., Film, and Radio. Maybe he is related to his sisters after all. He worked hard to earn a starting position on his new football team and he found out how serious southern people are about their high school football teams. By the way, Wyatt’s football team has already started training for next fall! Cheyenne is a senior at Bemidji State University. She will graduate next December—with two majors and a minor, two years early. She is looking at several graduate schools, but I believe the University of Minnesota is still the favorite finalist. She is pursuing two Ph.D.’s in English and Writing and wants to become a college professor at a University. She is currently a paid tutor at the BSU Writing Resource Center. She stays busy with her Honors Program thesis project and as a member of the BSU Phoenix. Cheyenne stays in Bemidji during the summer months and works as a residence advisor for student housing; she was recently promoted to A.R.H.D. (Assistant Residential Hall Director) for next summer. She loves Bemidji, and it’s safe to say she may return to the frozen tundra after graduate school. As for me, I am semi-retired…or that’s what I call it. I am skilled in two areas; unfortunately, both areas of expertise receive horrible compensation in the Land of Dixie. Additionally, I want some flexibility to go north if the girls need me. So, I have decided to start my own business and do a bit of…

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  • Prejudice And Racism In Duluth In The 1920's

    However, it also brings tension and racism along with it. We all come from many different cultures, some being pretty similar and some being completely different. Sense we come from different cultures and races we all believe in different ideas and beliefs. For example, the Native Americans have a very different culture than some one who was born in Bemidji, Minnesota. There is a huge tension between some of the Native Americans and Caucasians people throughout Minnesota and the United States…

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  • Relational Reflection: My Relationship With My Father

    This defines my Dad. Choosing a college was really difficult for me. I had a hard time choosing what I wanted, my Mom wanted me to play tennis, and my cousins wanted me in Fargo. My Dad did go to Bemidji way back when, so underneath I knew he wanted me at BSU. He had the biggest influence on me because he kept telling me “when the time is right, you’ll know your decision and what you want.” He put full faith in where I’ll go in life and supported me through every step. Through this my Dad and I…

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  • National Association Of Clinical Nurse Specialists In Nursing Case Study

    The barrier remains to find preceptors and providers willing to work in underserved populations and gain valuable experience working with marginalized populations. In Bemidji Minnesota, the CNS or DNP as the preceptor for underserved populations remains a plausible focus. This will require the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS) to champion the role of the CNS in credentialing bodies, DNP schools of nursing to create curriculum changes to include 75 hours of clinical…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Walleye Fishing Destinations

    Let's say you want to make the trek up north to fish Cass Lake. That's a great starting point. But what if you have a particularly windy day, or the bite is less than stellar during your stay? Open up another tab on your browser and fire up Google Maps. Take a look at all of the lakes around Cass. Cass is actually part of a chain of lakes accessible from the main lake itself. In addition, within 15 miles of Cass you have several other potential hot spots... Bemidji, Plantagenet, Big Lake, etc.…

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  • Crenshaw's Theory Of Intersectionality

    differentiated with the use of dots. Misplaced dots can make a word have a completely different meaning than what was intended. Interview The individual I chose to interview was my boss. Waleed was born in Egypt and lives in California. Growing up he learned several languages and studied in Germany, England, and Egypt. He moved to the United States about twenty years ago when he was in his early twenties. He is married and has a daughter who attends a private college in California. Waleed has…

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  • Interprofessional Teamwork In Emergency

    Interprofessional Journal: Teamwork in an Emergency Callan F. Vaneps Bemidji State University Interprofessional Journal: Teamwork in an Emergency While interacting with my mentor at a clinical day in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit (ARU), an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurse came through the department walking briskly. He exclaimed that there was a patient in ICU experiencing a myocardial infarction at that moment and a student was welcome to come and observe. With permission from my…

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  • Gender And Communication Skills Assignment

    Purnell Assessment Assignment E.B is a twenty-one-year-old lady who lives in the small northern town of Grand Rapids, MN in Itasca County. She Her heritage is German and Irish which is a very common heritage in this Itasca County area. She has lived in Grand Rapids her whole life and most of her family is from the area. She no longer lives with her family and is currently moving into a new house with her long-term boyfriend five miles out of town. She got her high school degree from Grand…

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  • Examples Of Nursing Diagnosis Impaired Social Interaction

    family members because they are helpful when you need help with your children. They also allow for your children to interact with other people than yourselves. 3. Sports can bring and keep a family close together when all members are actively involved. 4. Routine is important to keeping the family structured and allows both parents to obtain positive outcomes from the workloads they take on each day. Even though we cannot say that your family’s future will be free of conflicts, we hope that we…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Fisher Family

    weather and boring people. There was this memory I had with him one time when me and my family were on vacation in Florida and I bought this sign from a gift shop that said, “PLEASE NO FARTING”. So we when in the car to go to our grandma and grampa’s house (where we stayed overnight) and we held the sign up against the back window of the car so the car behind me and Nate could read the sign. We were laughing the rest of the way. I love Nate because I am his buddy (which is a whole different…

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