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  • How Did Shakespeare Influence Culture

    Shakespeare’s Impact in Culture Ben Jonson once said that Shakespeare “(…) was not of an age, but for all time!” He had met the author long before he became the man he is to all of us today. Jonson knew Shakespeare’s capabilities and therefore he said this quote meaning that Shakespeare was a man whose views transcended his time. He knew that this amazing author would be well-known by the world and that his works would prevail through the ages. As you may already know, this is true, Shakespeare’s works were very popular in the past and are still very important to us in the present. The question is, why? Why are his works so important to us, especially English speakers? William Shakespeare had an ability in particular that not many authors in the world had at his time. He had an incredible skill for describing human experiences. He could picture love like no one else could. For example, in Romeo and Juliet, a man and a woman from feuding families fall in love with each other and yet they let nothing separate them, but tragic death. The funny thing is, these writings can be adapted to any time period. Wouldn’t you imagine Romeo and Juliet taking place in the streets of New York? Shakespeare tells us stories that can apply to modern…

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  • Tension In The Alchemist By Ben Jonson

    The extract is taken from Ben Jonson’s comedy ‘The Alchemist’, dating from 1610, written in free verse. The passage is placed at the end of the play, in the fifth act, when the tension is at its highest and the foul play the main characters Face, Subtle and Dol Common are undertaking is at its maximum. All of their victims have confided their desires to them and the three tricksters have been – up to now - trying their very best to make as much profit out of these desires as they could (Watson…

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  • Shakespeare And John Donne's Sonnet 130 And The Flea

    Love can be expressed in numerous ways. From the earliest times, poetry has been used to express one’s love. Such is the case in these two poems to be discussed here: “Sonnet 130” by William Shakespeare and “The Flea” by John Donne. Donne is known for his dense erotic poems and Shakespeare is greatly appreciated for his rich and numerous sonnets and plays of varied interests throughout literature history. Therefore, here the plot, tone, expression and meaning of the poems by Shakespeare and…

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  • John Milton's Poem: An Analysis Of Closure In Lycidas

    Closure in Lycidas What is the right response to death? How and to what extent should we mourn the ones we love? When John Milton's college friend, Edward King, drowned off of the Welsh coast 1, Milton wrote Lycidas in memoriam. A pastoral elegy, the poem represents King as the lost shepherd Lycidas and uses agricultural imagery to portray loss. The majority of the poem is spent highlighting the irrevocability and completeness of death, that is until lines 165-168: "Weep no more, woeful…

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  • The Merchant Of Venice

    Shakespeare is one of the most brilliant writers to ever grace the earth, he inspired others to be great and gave us amazing plays as a result of his brilliance. However, Shakespeare did not always make art that was appreciated by all or understood by all. The Merchant of Venice is a prime example of this controversy, because of some of the interesting messages the play conveys, and the age old battle of whether or not it is a comedy or tragedy. There needs to be a clear understanding of the…

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  • The Blazon In Mary Wroth's Sonnet

    In Shakespeare 's sonnet "Sonnet CXXX," the blazon is constructed in a very peculiar way. Mary Wroth, in sonnet 42 "Pamphilia to Amphilanthus," interprets the blazon within herself rather than her love. Both uses of the blazon depict a time in which love is of the essence. However, in both sonnets, the person in which they are describing is forever unknown. Shakespeare attacks the blazon of his sonnet and creates an anti-blazon, while both sonnets are still in singular perspectives. In…

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  • Shakespeare Vs Anon Analysis

    1. The thesis statement in The New York Times article is the one that says that little was known about Shakespeare’s life and that all people could know about him was from his plays. 2. Anon is a shorter way to say anonymous. Anon is also a Greek author who had little recognition and his name became a synonym for anonymous. Nobody knows about Anon’s life, his appearance or his personality, only about his works. There is a comparison of Anon to Shakespeare because scholars know little about…

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  • Creative Writing: Another Day On The Plantation

    I’ll be right back. Watch from behind the trees.” Nancy then proceeded to walk to the front steps of the impressive house. When she knocked, almost immediately a maid answered the door. Betty and Ben couldn’t hear a word that was being said, as they were at least half of a mile away. “Momma, who’s house is this?” Ben curiously asked. “We don’t know, baby. We’re just getting some more food for us.” Betty kept a close eye on her sister. After the maid left the front door, a burly man with…

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  • Helicopter Money Case Study

    Markets Soar as Japan Starts Up Rotors for Helicopter Money Following Bernanke Visit Markets Soar as Japan Starts Up Rotors for Helicopter Money Following Bernanke Visit Despite worrisome economic indicators, markets recently soared to all-time highs based on speculation that Japan plans to inject helicopter money into its economy to combat the country 's deflation. This best-guess prognostication was fueled by former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernake 's dramatic visit to meet with Japanese…

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  • Case Study Of Ben And Jerry's

    Ben and Jerry’s ice cream started as two guys serving ice cream in a converted gas station, but today the ice cream company distributes its ice cream products internationally through grocery stores, franchisees, and grocery delivery services. The ice cream maker has two production facilities, both in Vermont. The Ben and Jerry’s headquarters is in Waterbury, VT. This is where tourists and ice cream fans can take tours of how the ice cream is made. The second facility is much larger and located…

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