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  • Bench Trial Dbq

    For the last 250 years, U.S. citizens have been given a controversial option of a jury or bench trial. Not everyone agrees with the bench trials. Although jury trials sound like a good idea, it is actually true that bench trials are better because it guarantees the right verdict almost all the time. Jury trials choose ordinary citizens off the street. For example, with the society today, people cannot stay off their phone, which makes them vulnerable to hearing or gathering false details about the trial. In addition, a typical person generally has a lot of sympathy for other individuals. If they feel sorrowful for the defendant they are likely to give them the benefit of the doubt. In a bench trial, a professional judge with years of experience has no sympathy for an ordinary citizen no matter the circumstances. The jurors are human and haven’t trained as near as much as a trained judge. If a person chooses the jury trial…

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  • Essay On Circumstantial Evidence

    It is necessary for physical and circumstantial evidence to ensure the most accurate outcome of a trial. In some cases, the evidence is not as exact or direct. It appeared to me in the readings the authors were trying to show were all evidence must be exact or not be included in the trial. If this is the case, we would not need a court system. In the readings it appeared to me the authors were trying to say the evidence should meet a definitive threshold before being entered into court (Saks…

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  • Reflection In Criminal Justice

    As a criminal justice, major, I have taken on an American Criminal Courts Class. That is helping me to go more in-depth about the subject. With taking this class, I had the opportunity of going into an actual courthouse to do this assignment. I chose to go to the Chatham County Courthouse in Savannah, Georgia when I went home for Thanksgiving. On my adventure, there I learned a lot of new things. For example, the way they actors and actresses portray how it 's done is different than the way the…

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  • Court Observation Report

    You can see many elements that are common to a courtroom such as, tables and benches made out of wood and are evenly situated among the room. The audience members are more than welcome to sit in the benches in the back facing the judge. There are also two tables and seating for both the defendant and the plaintiff which happens to be angled towards the focus of the judge’s bench. Another comparison that the series showed was the conducting of cross-examination. The judges ask questions to one…

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  • Judicial System Reform In Colombia

    when being compared to the male police officers. What could also help with corruption is the second institutions that needs to be reformed and it is the judicial system Judicial System Reform. When looking into the judicial system of Colombia one can see that it is underfunded especially when compared to the military. In Plan Colombia that the Clinton administration gave to the Republic of Colombia it was supposed to put some of the money towards the Judicial System and it did but not enough.…

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  • Reflection On Negotiation

    1. This reflection took place in the gym between myself, the Occupational Therapist (OT) and Zane a 3-year-old boy. Zane has significant cognitive and physical delays. The OT was working on Zane’s ability to balance sitting down because his parents have decided to enroll him in school. The OT sat Zane at the edge of a blue bench and she sat down behind him to support him. The OT also had another bench to the right of him so that he could support himself and I sat to the left of him. We put a…

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  • District Court Observation

    I visited the United States District Court for the District of Columbia on February 10. This court is a federal district court and it is in the fourth position from the top, Supreme Court in the structure of the federal court system. District court has general trial jurisdiction. The Courthouse is consisted of 6 floors and each judge has his or her own courtroom. The district court and the United States Bankruptcy court are in the same building. Regarding a courtroom, when I entered there, I…

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  • Local Court Case Study

    Introduction Whilst observing criminal proceeding in the local, district and supreme courts, the intricate workings of the legal system within Australia became extremely apparent. It became clear during my time in court that the administration, process and practices of each court varied extremely depending on which level you were observing at the time. Similarly during such time spent in court, the distinctions between both summary proceeding and trail upon indictment became clear and could be…

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  • Importance Of Playing Water Polo

    from possessing the ball. I had learned to press the player, a skill that required me to have one hand pushing their shoulder and one arm extended out to reach for the ball, which would be the opposite arm that the opponent is throwing with. When the player that I was guarding got the ball, I pressed at a distance so that I would not get called for a foul by the referee. I managed to grab the ball quickly as it was being thrown to another opponent player and I threw the ball to our…

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  • Case Study: Crossover Youth

    After three cases had gone by I finally had the courage to ask the Judge a couple of questions. Since I was doing a project on Probation Supervised Youth I mentioned the crossover youth and she told me that it was the wrong term and I should be using dually involved youth, which helped for the assignment. During the small break while waiting for another case, Ramona and I made plans to come back and meet at the courthouse Thursday at 8:30am, so I could experience the North Wing which is the…

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