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  • Victor Daniel Williams Case Study

    aboriginal by the name of Victor Daniel Williams, was charged in the year 1993 with robbery of a pizza parlour. He elected a trial by judge and jury, at which he pleaded not guilty to the crime. His defence was one of mistaken identity, nevertheless the jury convicted him . He claimed he was not involved with robbery, and that the robbery was committed by someone else. At his first trial, Williams argued that his rights under the grounds of, ss.7, 11(d) and 15(1) of the charter, had been…

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  • 12 Angry Men Thesis

    What if you were on trial for first degree murder? In the movie 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose, a young eighteen year old male was on trial for supposedly murdering his own father. The twelve men on the jury were faced with different opinions and facts that questioned their morals and values in life. I feel as if this movie did have “worth” in my life. I think the movie had worth because no one should ever be stereotyped, judged, and accused based on what other people say. I feel strongly about…

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  • 8th Juror Analysis

    but he had a reasonable doubt about the case. Juror #8 didn’t see it as a waste of time to stay longer to prove the points and testimonies false or unreasonable. He wanted the unanswered questions answered Juror #8 had a peculiar feeling about this trial because of the defense counsel not defending the young man. Eventually Juror #8 wanted to exhibit the evidence while the other jurors believed the evidence given and thought it could not be logically false. So they did not really bother in…

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  • Patricia Acioli Case Study

    The family of judge Patricia Acioli, murdered in August last year, are wary about a possible presence of municipal guards in the jury trial of the first PM accused of participating in the murder of magistrate, corporal Sergio Costa Júnior. The hearing will be held next Tuesday (4), in Niterói, in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro. The information comes from the victim's cousin, Humberto birth, which calls for the appointment of the new Secretary of Public Security of the city,…

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  • Essay Comparing Justice In The Outsider And The Trial

    In Albert Camus’ The Outsider, the court weighs Meursault’s acte gratuit, or assertion of individual will and freedom, against the outrage of the entire community. Likewise, Franz Kafka’s The Trial also juxtaposes the agency of the individual with the strength of the justice system, and displays how the trial suppresses K.’s psychological freedom and agency. As both novels demonstrate how the law subordinates the individual to the community, justice therefore appeases the public rather than…

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  • Mr. Abbadi Case Summary

    Mr. Abbadi presented to the evaluation session poorly groomed in a jail-issued jumpsuit. Hygiene and grooming were inadequate as a malodorous scent emanated from his body during the interview. Eye contact was variable. At times, he stared intensely at this evaluator. Other times, Mr. Abbadi looked at the ceiling or behind his back while talking. No gross physical impairment was observed. Numerous tattoos appeared on his arms and neck. Large print letters were tattooed on each of his…

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  • Injustice In Stevenson's Just Mercy

    In a real-life trial within a courtroom, there are two sides: the plaintiff and defense. The plaintiff’s role is to prosecute the defendant with a crime, and the defense’s role is to vindicate the defendant of the crime accused. To do so, a story must be told, followed by an argument with evidence as aid. The person in charge of the final verdict is the judge or the jury. In the book, Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, the readers become the jury and Stevenson is the lawyer who is presenting the…

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  • Linder's Al Capone Trial (1931)

    not be punished for murder, is later punished for tax-evasion (Linder “All Capone Trial (1931): An Account”). However, the trial itself was not easy. More specifically, the witnesses needed to be made up of individuals who would turn on Capone (Linder “All Capone Trial (1931): An Account”). Even more so, Capone attempted to influence the jurors in his favor by researching who made up the jury (Linder “All Capone Trial (1931): An Account”). Thankfully, the Judge knew Capone’s game, and not only…

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  • Unbowed Film Analysis

    “Unbowed” is a legal drama film, written and directed by Chung Ji-young and starring Ahn Sung-ki and Park Won-sang. The movie is based on Kim Myung-ho’s true story, a math professor who was arrested and prosecuted for shooting with a crossbow the Judge Park Hong-woo. The movie starts with the aforementioned incident. We witness a math professor named Kim Kyung-ho (Ahn Sung-ki) holding a crossbow in front of the building’s entrance of Judge Park Bong-joo’s (Kim Eung-soo) home. When Judge Park…

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  • Essay About Iva Toguri D Iquino

    Iva Toguri D’Aquino was born on Independence Day, July fourth in 1916. She was born in Los Angeles, California to parents Jun Toguri and Fumi Toguri. Her parents heavily believed in assimilation for their daughter and encouraged her to adopt American culture and customs. He discouraged teaching his children to read and write Japanese, and rarely took them to Japanese cultural gathering. When Ida graduated, she was allowed to visit her sickly aunt in Japan as a graduation gift from her parents.…

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