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  • The Intelligent Investor

    Research is necessary to be successful in the stock market. By supporting its position, this paper will provide a survey of scholarship on the subject. In 2006, The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham with commentary by Jason Zweig discussed Peter Lynch’s rule: “No one should ever invest in a company, no matter how great its products or how crowded its parking lot, without studying its financial statements and business value” (Zweig 126). This rule contradicted the belief that one can pick stocks without doing any homework. In the 1980s and early 1990s, the most popular investing slogan, “buy what you know” (Zweig 125). An example of buying what one knows is what Barbra Streisand once said, ‘“We go to Starbucks every day, so I buy Starbucks…

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  • Carlos Slim Case Study

    1. Carlos Slim Helú was born 28, January 1940 and he is a Mexican business magnate, philanthropist and investor. From 2010 - 2013, Carlos Slim was graded as the richest person in the world. The position was taken back by the Bill Gates in the year 2014 before Carlos Slim reclaimed the position again in 15, July 2014. Recognized as the Warren Buffett of Mexico, Carlos Slim has wide holdings in a significant number of the Mexican companies through his SA de CV, Grupo Carso, conglomerate, have…

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  • Katherine Graham: The First Woman CEO

    The First Woman CEO Katherine Graham is known as one of the most influential women ever in business. She was the first woman CEO in the U.S. taking over the position at the Washington Post previously held by her husband. Graham, however, is most known for her outstanding coverage of the Watergate scandal. This leadership she showed in these two aspects of her career, gave many other women the courage to pursue careers outside of being a housewife. Katherine Graham was so influential in fact, she…

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  • Fresh Bite Analysis

    There are dances where the costuming is too much for the dance and I think that it defeats the purpose of the whole dance because people come to watch people perform not the look of the dancers. The quality of the movement was light for each piece; it had a lot of flow. There were some sections during the main course where the body language had some abstract elements. This was a modern dance and it reminded me of Martha Graham because she was very expressive in her movement. She really focused…

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  • Ballet Influence On Culture

    How has Ballet influenced culture? Background information Ballet is an artistic movement that is performed by ballerinas wearing specific costumes. It can be telling a story which express feelings and thoughts. It was originally started in the 15th century, ballet was performed in the Italian Renaissance court. Noblemen and women learnt the steps and movements from the dancing masters, then they participate in the performance with the music in celebration events in the court. A century later, an…

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  • La Loie Fuller: Significant Dancer

    Loie Fuller Marie Louise Fuller (1862-1928) was a significant dancer born in Fullersburg, Chicago, later to be known as Loie Fuller or “La Loie”. Fuller is known for her innovation and experimental cooperation with technology and multimedia techniques such as extravagant lighting and usage of mirrors during the twentieth-century in order to ‘hypnotize’ and capture her audience. Fuller’s innovations would inspire many various types of artists and intellectuals, including future modern dancers…

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  • How Did Martha Contribute To Dance

    Martha believed ballet was mostly consisted of flow and grace, she wanted to change and improved the left violent traditions passions, by expressing emotional and spiritual themes that other dances ignored. She was able to achieve this through the repetition of sexual and violent movements. With her Eastman students, she formed her and now famous Martha Graham School for Contemporary Dance in New York. One of her works was “Frontier” in 1935, a solo performance about a pioneer woman. With Isamu…

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  • Isadora Duncan Dance Analysis

    and political ideologies, she choreographed The Russian Worker to Varshovianka and Dubinushka, Mother, Revolutionary, and The Crossing at St. Petersburg (all to music of Scriabin) and the famous Marche Slav (Tchaikovsky). (Duncan Choreography) Ave Maria, The Blue Danube, Mother, Marche Funebre and choreography set to Schubert’s 9th Symphony and Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony are some of her most notable dances because they were made during adversarial times. Some of Duncan’s protégés include…

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  • Choreographers: Martha Graham

    Choreographers attempt to “expand breadth and increase the depth of performance,” by expressing an idea through the ever evolving art form, dance. Born in 1894 Allegheny- Pennsylvania, Martha Graham an inspirational choreographer, embellished historical American culture and woman rights. A revolution and adventure in itself. Graham establish new pathways in the field of choreography and performance through family influences plus through different eras. Graham, once described as “indomitable,…

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  • Psychominist Psychology In Gilmore Girls

    Karen Horney, a medical professional from Germany, had an early interest in psychoanalysis. Horney studied with Karl Abraham, a protégé of Sigmund Freud, however Horney came to disagree with a handful of Sigmund Freud’s theory, including his interpretation on the psychology of women. Horney believed that Freud had a “male bias in psychoanalytic thought”, Horney then introduced the concept of womb envy or the envy in which males feel due to the their lack of the ability to get pregnant, nurse,…

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