Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome

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  • Essay On Benzodiazepines

    Biologically, benzodiazepines bind to GABA receptor sites in the brain. GABA is an important inhibitory neurotransmitter that if in excess amounts in the brain or regulated can cause seizures and sleep problems respectively. Previously, scientists have tried medication substitution to anxiolytics, agonist substitution to mimic the effect, or abstain completely. Liebrenz and his team of five scientists suggest that, “patients’ subjective views are of clinical importance because past research indicates that individuals should be presented with a variety of treatment alternatives, rather than simply being informed about what is obtainable or easiest; in addition, this prior research has found interventions to be most beneficial when patients…

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  • Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Case Studies

    Alcohol is a part of New Zealand culture and is considered as an inevitable factor for celebrations and for relieving stress (“Alcohol misuse”, 2016). Long-term high rate of alcohol consumption can lead to alcohol misuse and make people dependent on alcohol. It has now become a very common thing to see an alcoholic patient presenting to the hospital frequently to treat the withdrawal symptoms. Most of the patients admitted with Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS) have multiple management problems…

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  • Jailhouse In Thunder Bay: Article Analysis

    Coaster was an inmate who died in solitary confinement at the Thunder Bay Jail in 2008. Coaster had broken his bail agreement by drinking alcohol and was picked up by police. His breach of bail could be due to an interactionist theory called continuance commitment where a labelled deviant or criminal attempts to move past their deviant behaviours. Attempting to reduce the stigmatic reputation and pursue an alternative lifestyle is often too difficult so they revert back to a criminal lifestyle.…

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  • Write An Essay On Opiate Addiction

    to cash in on someone else 's misfortune, I had a serious opiate addiction for almost 15 years. I started taking vicodin on the weekend, then it progressed to everyday. After a year or so of taking those I got connected to someone who got a regular script of Oxycontin 40mg, that 's when things spiraled out of control. Before I Knew it I was using heroin. I finally overdosed and almost died, that 's when I got into a Suboxone program. What I was told would be a 9 month taper schedule wound up…

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  • Mr Can Case Study Essay

    Hepatocellular Cancer (HCC). Mr. Can had a past 20 year history of alcohol abuse, which may have contributed to his diagnosis of cirrhosis. In turn cirrhosis and hepatitis C are common causes of HCC. Depression on the other hand can lead to over eating or lack of appetite. 2. Outline your nursing assessment, planning, interventions and means of evaluation for this situation. Assessment • Assess patient nutrition and fluids intake (calorie, fluid intake and output and weight) and monitor for…

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  • Home Denial: Abusing Alcoholic

    An alcoholic is an individual that has a physical or mental desire to consume alcohol beyond their capacity to control it (O’Connor, 2011). Alcoholism is the illness alcoholics suffer from. There are two different types of drinking problems, alcoholism being one and alcohol abuse being the other. Alcoholism is when an individual’s excessive drinking causes serious problems in their life, yet they keep drinking. They may also have a physical dependence on alcohol. This means that an individual…

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  • Flight Movie Analysis Essay

    can influence individuals to have a stronger desire to drink as they have an attitude towards alcohol that is more favourable. As a result, alcoholism has been ranked as the most harmful drug compared to others (Nutt 2012). The movie “Flight” draws away from the media’s represented norm of alcoholism, as it tells the story of a self-aware functioning alcoholic that finds himself in high-stress situations. This paper will offer an analysis on the film “Flight” by focusing on the…

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  • Alcoholism In Medicine Walk By Richard Wagamese

    Alcoholism is defined as an addiction to the indulgence of alcoholic liquor and the compelling behaviour which results from alcohol dependency. In the novel Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese the reasoning behind repression of alcohol abuse are evident through characters Eldon Starlight. The reason for his alcoholism is traumatic and its effects both himself and those around him which causes greater harshness. Eldon begins drinking after he was forced to leave his home as his mother chose her…

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  • The Days Of Wines And Roses Analysis

    A Downward Spiral Many people get to a point in life where they contemplate with the idea of suicide. People have their personal reasons - depression, financial issues, relationships. Some people facade positive emotions to conceal private despair, while others show signs leading to their suicide. In the 1962 film drama The Days of Wines and Roses, a married couple’s relationship falls apart due to alcoholism. “The Doomed in Their Sinking” by William Gass, Gass tries to understand the concept of…

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  • Reaction Paper About Aa Meeting

    The AA meeting I attended was on September 11, 2015 at the 13th street clubhouse in Bowling Green Ky. There was a good amount of people that attended the meeting. About 25 people were there and it was a good mixture of women and men from all walks of life. The room that the meeting was in was a big room with plenty of options on where to sit. It was not a fancy room but it serve its purpose for the meeting. They had tables that were in a circle where most of the attendies sat at but then they…

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