Alcohol Addiction

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Many people consume alcohol for leisure purposes in a responsible manner, as this is reinforced through social get-togethers with their peers. However, for other individuals, alcohol is a devastating problem since addition leads to destruction of lives, not only for the alcoholic individual but for their loved ones. As part of the alcohol awareness initiative, an individual may forgo alcohol consumption for 72 hours and document their experiences, feelings, thoughts, as well as actions related to the abstinence process.
The individual would spend the first 6 hours asleep but when they wake up start having feelings of insecurity and fear of withdrawals as the first few days of entering sober are characterized by discomfort. Soon after waking
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After 24 hours, feelings of nervousness and anxiety as well as irritability would intensify coupled with feelings of fuzziness in the cognitive functioning. Headaches and body aches would start and on certain instances shaking and trembling would occur. Sweating and clammy skin, mood swings, changes to vital signs, for instance, elevated blood pressure and increased heart rate, tiredness and lack of motivation would be felt, which may be a sign of mild depression. Bad thoughts would also occur characterized by feelings of something bad occurring. They would also experience the inability to sleep or getting comfortable in bed and when they fall asleep, they get vivid and disturbing …show more content…
The thoughts and expectations of the individual about the future would have an effect on their experiences. For instance, if the individual expects the withdrawal process to be unpleasant, fear would crave in and the individual would go looking for trouble they are sure to find. Upon experiencing destructive thoughts about alcohol consumption, it would be crucial to engage in one’s hobbies and activities that would keep them busy and interested as well as less stressful.
Instances of wallowing in suffering would definitely occur as a result of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Such experiences would be best overcome by keeping the mind distracted as much as possible. For individuals who have the right mental attitude, such symptoms would be averted. Moreover, feelings of alcohol cravings would be dealt with if the individual delays for an hour to allow the cravings to lessen and thus committing to an activity for some time would assist an individual manage themselves through such stage of

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