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  • Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Case Studies

    INTRODUCTION: Alcohol is a part of New Zealand culture and is considered as an inevitable factor for celebrations and for relieving stress (“Alcohol misuse”, 2016). Long-term high rate of alcohol consumption can lead to alcohol misuse and make people dependent on alcohol. It has now become a very common thing to see an alcoholic patient presenting to the hospital frequently to treat the withdrawal symptoms. Most of the patients admitted with Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS) have multiple management problems such as withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, liver disorders, electrolyte imbalances, seizures, poly substance abuse and depression (McKeon, Frye & Delanty, 2008). I have taken care of alcoholic patients who present with AWS because they had to stop drinking due to lack of money to buy alcohol. These patients are discharged from the hospital after treatment, but it is unfortunate to see that most of them are readmitted with the same complaints. It is high time to tackle alcohol misuse problem as it has a detrimental effect on our society. This assignment will discuss the use of Diazepam to treat Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS). The patient will be referred as Mrs G in the following discussion. A summary of the case study is provided comprising of patient’s history, medication list, laboratory investigations and plan of…

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  • Physical Dependence And Addiction Essay

    norepinephrine. iv. The effects of the dextromethorphan (DMX) feel like a dreamlike dissociative state that includes: sensory and time perception, hallucinations, and excitement to the drug user. v. Users can suffer serious long-term consequences of excessive exposure to acetaminophen, ephedrine, alcohol, and decongestants that are found in cough and cold medicines. Other effects include: confusion, blurred vision, slurred speech, increased heart rate and blood pressure, loss of muscle…

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  • Movie Review: 28 Days By Sandra Bullock

    I chose the movie 28 days starring Sandra Bullock. Sandra’s character Gwen was an alcoholic and addicted to Vicodin. She had gone through the cycle of addiction and was ruining her life from the drugs. She is sent to rehab after stealing the limo at her sister’s wedding and crashing it into a building since she was driving drunk. She was given the choice to do jail time or 28 days of rehab and she chose the rehab. While at rehab she had a rough time going through the withdrawal symptoms and…

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  • Psychological Addiction Essay

    Psychological Addiction Psychological addiction deals with how drugs affect a person’s mind. Research has proven that “drug abuse changes the brains chemistry” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 52). Addiction is also “considered a disease of the brain” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 52). Psychological dependence is the “need to use a drug to relieve negative emotions” (Meyer, pg. 109). A person may “spend a great deal of time in activities necessary to obtain and use the drug” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 52).…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Tramadol Addiction

    Bloody urine Chills or fever Problems with balance Increased blood pressure Blisters Convulsions or severe seizures Blurry vision Bloating or excessive gas Pain in various parts of the body (arms, legs, jaw, calves) Nausea Jaundice More severe health problems are more commonly associated with tramadol overdose. These problems include: Sudden changes in consciousness Irregular heartbeat Breathing difficulties Confusion Anxiety and paranoia Although relatively rare, complete loss of…

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  • Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Essay

    may seem perfectly reasonable to want something that would make it stop and find some relief. It is a complicated issue, but there has to be some balance and responsibility when consuming painkillers. According to the centers for Disease control and prevention, nearly 2 million Americans abused prescription painkillers in 2013, with 44 people dying from an overdose each day (D’ Amora). Although, these are devastating news; this is not the worse part. An unborn child has to suffer the sad…

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  • The Dangers Of Marijuana

    The effects of Marijuana are impaired coordination, difficulty thinking or concentrating, shortened attention span etc. Those are all short term effects. Long term users can experiences lowered motivation, higher anxiety, panic attacks and respiratory illnesses, they can also develop physical dependence on the drug itself and withdrawal can be a symptom if not given to the user. Marijuana can also lead to disturbed thoughts and can worsen into psychotic symptoms such as schizophrenics. Chronic…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Smoking Cigarettes

    addiction to this product to be an exceedingly easy thing to do. Also, if someone starts smoking at a young, and possibly illegal, age then it causes quitting to be very difficult. Studies suggest that children and teens may be especially sensitive to nicotine, making it easier for them to become addicted (Nicotine Addiction and Your Health). Nicotine is so easy to get addicted to because the human body is able to build up a high tolerance to nicotine, so it will need more and more cigarettes in…

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  • Interpersonal Communication Questionnaire

    Is one style adequate to describe your relationships? Why or why not? I think that my main conflict pattern is withdrawl-pursuit because for both of my relationships I found that I am mainly at a Low Tendency / Low Withdrawal. Which wasn’t too surprising as I definitely do know myself and how I act in conflict, although it was interesting to see the exacts and how I may be able to work on how I handle conflict. I think for right now one style of adequate does describe my relationships pretty…

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  • Social Withdrawal In Children

    Social withdrawal in children moderates the association between parenting styles and the children’s own socioemotional development. A consistent display of solitary behavior when encountering familiar or unfamiliar peers across situations and over time, that is social withdrawal (Rubin & Coplan, 2004 ) , has been shown to increase the risk of socio-emotional difficulties later in life ( Rubin, Coplan & Bowker)Socially withdrawn children frequently refrain from social activities in…

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