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  • Wiz Khalifa The Plan Analysis

    "The Plan" - Wiz Khalifa (Summary) The song "The Plan" written by Wiz Khalifa speaks to me in numerous ways all throughout the song. Khalifa expresses his feelings towards how he was not suppose to make it to where he is today in the eye's of certain individuals, but is now able to do whatever he wants when he wants because of his financial freedom; "… went shopping places they said I can't … jumped on the road did all them shows 'cause I was popping' places they said I ain't … ". Khalifa's archetype is the fact that he has changed through the course of his life, dreaming about becoming successful. Ultimately, Khalifa wants what is best for himself, family, and friends, so he goes out and tries to achieve this goals some thought were impossible.…

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  • Melodies Of The Minds Essay

    Melodies of the Mind: Music That Inspires Do you have a song stirring around in your head that you just can 't seem to expunge? This is certainly due to the emotional pull and thoughts that the song resonates when played. Some one-hit singles are raved about for a few months but are forgotten because they lack the ability to emotionally attach themselves to the audience. The songs that are replayed and loved have emotional appeal by the relatable lyrics, personal connecting media, and unpleasant…

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  • Lafayette Park Case Study

    1.0 Introduction This project deserves more recognition. As the first masterpiece of city revival plan, pull the Fiat Park residential area can be said which do not cross the advertised role for the development of city residence, built in the 50 years after the house into an indelible vitality also to the area of city development. It is the largest collection of buildings designed by Mies Van der Rohe in the world. Lafayette Park is the country's first planned city renewal project and has…

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  • The Physics Of Skyscrapers

    Skyscraper is defined as a very tall building and has many floors. The first word “skyscraper” was used during 1880s a while after the first skyscrapers were built in the United States. Then the development of skyscrapers came as a result of several technological and social developments. The word skyscraper first applied to buildings of 10 to 20 floors, But about 20th century the word was used to describe high-rise buildings of unusual height usually greater than 40 or 50 stories.…

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  • Burj Khalifa Case Study Model

    tallest services in the world. Also, it is the structure with the highest outdoor observation deck in the world. Architecture The unique design of the Burj Khalifa tower was inspired from the Hymenocallis flower shape. The tower is consisted by a central core which is surrounded by three wing-elements creating a Y-shaped structure. The setbacks along each of the three wings ensure a high structural stability configuration and well-arranged…

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  • Architecture Synthesis Essay

    They are expected to be able to design buildings that follow all of the zonings laws mandated by their state, according to Jessyca Henderson, who wrote the preface on the AIA’s “Introduction to Codes and Standards”. In the preface she states that, “Architects are typically the responsible design professionals, with a corresponding duty to protect the health, safety, and welfare of both building occupants and the public at large.” Henderson continues to explain that the codes are meant for the…

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  • Fullerton Arboretum Summary

    the Dubai Marina. The Dubai Marina, is surrounded by many industrial high-rise buildings. Running right through the middle of the buildings, is a body of water, the marina. I was fascinated by how close the buildings were built to the Persian gulf, they were build right on the coast. In addition, I visited the Palm Jumeirah archipelago. The Palm Jumeirah archipelago, is a group of islands that are close together. The interesting thing about these islands, was that they were built on as if they…

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  • Taylor Swift Role Model

    celebrities should be role models because of how role models are independent and have become successful from hard work. And which parent does not want their child to be a successful person in life. On television the only things you usually see on television are usually the bad things that some celebrities do but “they don’t put the positive ones out there.” For example, Cameron Jibril Thomaz also known as Wiz Khalifa donated about 1700 backpacks to a High School named Taylor Allderdice located…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Vin Diesel's Song See You Again

    The way the song is written plays a key importance of the message it sends out. It is a slow song, composed of drums, a piano playing both bass and treble tunes, the bongos, and an electric guitar. Charlie’s voice creates a sound in which it shows pain and sorrow. Charlie Puth has a distinctive voice, one in which has the ability to grasp the high and moderate octaves. As he sings, his voice paints a clear image of what Paul meant to the world. How he will be remembered, and how he will live on…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Best Day Of My Life

    wanted to get tickets for Bruce and I to come to Lollapalooza in the first place because they were his favorite band. As we were waiting for the Migos to come out on the stage we noticed how it kept just getting later and later and everyone was getting very impatient that the Migos were not out on stage yet. Finally thirty minutes later the Migos arrived. Everyone was so happy that they were finally there but were also disappointed that they were that late. After watching Migos perform for only…

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