Melodies Of The Minds Essay

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Melodies of the Mind: Music That Inspires
Do you have a song stirring around in your head that you just can 't seem to expunge?
This is certainly due to the emotional pull and thoughts that the song resonates when played. Some one-hit singles are raved about for a few months but are forgotten because they lack the ability to emotionally attach themselves to the audience. The songs that are replayed and loved have emotional appeal by the relatable lyrics, personal connecting media, and unpleasant or spectacular events that expand on the meaning behind them. As demonstrated by Wiz Khalifa’s loving and yet heartbreaking single “See You Again,” music that revolves around feeling and emotion is far more popular than songs that do not.
The popularity of emotionally appealing music is by far higher than any other kind. Sales and views may be high when checking current popular music, but what do those songs have you think of when listening to them? You may
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In Spider-Man 2, “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” was used to highlight the feelings of relief that Peter Parker felt after losing his powers and repossessing his normal, hectic college life (spoiler alert). Due to the media or feelings you received when hearing it, you may want to buy or listen to it later. The song “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” has the emotional pull of lovers worldwide that hope to cherish what they have. Slow dancing to this song is not out of the ordinary, and generally makes the moment feel “like a scene from a movie” (“Meghan Trainor”). This could create memories that will not be forgotten, and be listened to many times over. Rebellious music, such as rap, rock, and metal, could be found in action or adrenaline-pumping moments. Listeners filled with rage or spite may listen to the rock or metal songs to help relate the feelings they contain to another with the same emotions. Feelings certainly are an immense amount of human nature, and music surely reveals

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