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Introduction: Have you ever had a song stuck in your head that you just can 't get out? Have you ever hummed a catchy tune unintentionally? And as for your favorite songs, do you ever wonder what the entire process was from start to finish? Its questions like these that make you wonder just what makes music so compelling, and how does it affect us psychologically. Music is an ever expanding world with endless possibilities and what I strive to find is the neuroscience of how music affects the perception and emotion of the listeners, some of the many things it can do to the body, and with everything I hope to learn how to grow as an artist. In almost every point in history, music has been a pastime form of entertainment that evolved into everything …show more content…
Today’s Artists and Producers have learned how to tap into a person’s emotions through sound, and if the listener is feeling one emotion, the artist has their way of manipulating the listener’s mood and perspective.
As a producer myself, I believe that the way a song is set up can easily change a person 's emotion, I also believe that the power is abused by brainwashing and false idols.
So with this research project I’ll find out how different people react to different styles of music, (which I 'll conduct myself) I 'll then have a bundle of short tracks with different moods and observe different people 's reactions, then, as they 're listening; I 'll compare the production rate with small puzzles and math problems, with that I 'll be able to see if there 's a correlation between accuracy and the mood of the track being listened to.

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There are tons of articles that back up my backup my opinion of productivity with statements saying "Music can boost productivity. Research into health and memory in work environment has radically changed the way music is used in the workspace." This shows how music can affect the work environment and if the work environment has momentum flowing then the tasks can be done more efficiently and effectively.
With perception and how the listener can view the world differently, many articles have stated "How we perceive the world does not only depend on what we know of the world, but also by how we feel. Music and mood are closely interrelated - listening to a sad or happy song on the radio can make you feel more sad or happy." This only ensures how music can pull you away from your standpoint from before hearing the song play. Aside from making the listener feel different from how they felt before, music can also affect the wellbeing of the person; the listener can loosen up tension and can reduce stress. Even as we all know that music calms our nerves, many studies have proven that there 's more that can be affected as you hear your favorite

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