Music In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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In Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, citizens live without individuality, intelligence, and emotions, all of which can be connected to the absence of playable music. In the real world, everyone is affected by music that they listen to or create themselves, but it is truly underestimated. People have the distinguished ability to express their individuality through the varying types of music in the world and how they react to it. Being a musician can challenge someone’s mental and physical abilities and, if they accept the challenge, can make them more intelligent and capable members of society. Music can also cater to one’s differing emotions and help them to understand their feelings and coping methods. It is clear why Aldous Huxley did away with a lot of the familiar aspects of music in “Brave New World”: because music has a profound effect on humans, even though it is rarely recognized. People can express their individuality better when you are involved in music. “If you’re in music, you can do, be, or become anything” (Lang). Musicians come from all different walks of life: rich and poor, optimists and pessimists, and future engineers and future …show more content…
Music has definite cognitive effects on humans, making more intellectual and skilled people roaming around the planet. Those dealing with certain emotions can deal with music that is catered towards those feelings and, meanwhile, can help them cope with their emotions. As a group, humans should quit underestimating the power of music and allow it to reach its full effect on us, because its effects are powerful and admirable across all human traits, thoughts, and

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