Informative Speech: How Music Affects The Brain

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How Music Affects the Brain

I. Speech Overview:
A. General Goal: To inform.
B. Specific Goal: By the end of my speech, my audience will learn a few things about what is happening in the brain when you are listening to music.
II. Introduction: (This is where you start talking)
A. Attention Grabber: The average American person listens to about four hours of music every day.
B. Relevance Statement: Nearly everybody listens to music in one way or another, so it’s good to know how it is affecting your brain.
C. Credibility Statement: I did extensive research on what happens to the brain while listening to music. I’ve also been a music enthusiast a majority of my life and I have known of these affects for a while know.
D. Central Idea/Thesis
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My first main point is how music benefits the brain.
1. Music makes you smarter. According to contributive writer for Wake up World, Deane Alban “How Music Benefits the Brain” claims that people that play and listen to a lot of music tend to have a larger corpus callosum. It is the group of nerve fibers that lets the two hemispheres of the brain communicate with each other, making problem solving easier.
2. Another way music benefits the brain is it betters our memory. According to writer for Brain Pickings Maria Popova “How Music Benefits Your Brain” people that play and listen to music have enhanced memory capabilities. It makes creating, sorting and retrieving memories much easier
3. Sub-point: (If necessary for your speech). You do not need to have three sub-points. Two is sufficient, but sometimes you may need three. Remember to use MLA format for citing your references.
Transition 2: Now that I have told you about some ways music benefits the brain, I will discuss the scientific side to what goes on in your brain when listening to music.
B. My second point is the scientific side to what goes on in your brain when listening to
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Listening to music lowers cortisol levels, which is the hormone that causes anxiety and stress. According to writer for Psychology Today Christopher Bergland “Why The Stress Hormone Is Public Enemy No. 1” Listening to music you like can lower cortisol levels.
3. Sub-point (if necessary): Supporting material, proof, MLA in-text citations
Transition 3: Now that we have discussed the scientific side to what goes on in the brain while listening to music, we will discuss my final point which is how music changes the brain.
C. My final point is how music changes your brain.
1. Music can enhance a child’s developing brain. According to writer for Fast Company Belle Cooper “The Surprising Science Behind What Music Does To Our Brains” it enhances sensory information such as hearing, touch, and sight.
2. Music can repair brain damage caused by stroke and other brain injuries. According to writer for Cracked Anthony Jurado “ 7 Insane Ways Music Affects The Body” damaged patients who lost partial ability to see or speak saw improvement when being treated with singing and listening to music
3. Sub-point (if necessary): Supporting material, proof, MLA in-text citations
Transition into conclusion: In conclusion music affects the brain in many

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