How Does Music Affect People's Emotions

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Music is said to be the “universal language of mankind;” it reaches across cultural and language barriers in a way that cannot be done with ordinary languages such as English or Spanish. Music impacts people on personal and social levels. On a personal level music can improve one 's emotions and health. This can facilitate social impacts such as bringing unity and understanding to other people’s emotions. The vitally important impacts that music has on people can occur through listening to music, singing or even playing an instrument. For starters, doing any one of these three activities can improve a person’s emotional state. People often cry or faint at concerts and this happens because of the music. It connects to people’s soul, it creates an emotional feeling that sometimes others can see such as, crying, fainting, or profound happiness. Music brings people immense joy, speaks to their pain or anger in ways that words cannot. Music connects to a wide audience of people across the globe because music speaks volumes. Music helps people understand their own emotions and it allows them to feel related to. For example, after a break up many people are angry or upset so they turn to music to understand their own emotions. It …show more content…
“There is something about music and engaging in musical activities that appears to be very stimulating for the brain and body,” said neuroscientist Dr. Petr Janta of the University of California Davis. The emotional response to music brings people together. So, singing favorite songs with family and friends, playing in a band, or dancing to music helps to bond people together because of the emotional response received from the music. The individual emotional response helps to synchronize people together and create a stronger sense of unity. Music engages people in a common activity and it allows people to interact

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