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Music plays a very important role in everyone’s life. It is important because people everywhere can use it to express themselves. Music gives people the chance to be who they want to be. Music speaks louder than words and can express emotions, good or bad. It is also important because it allows people to escape reality and enter their own little worlds when they feel alone. Music is like a friend that is always there when it feels like no one else is. And it can get you through hard times but, music is not only there for the bad times. People may also use music to celebrate or act as a mood booster. Most importantly music brings everyone together no matter race, age, gender, and more. Just like in the 1920s jazz music brought people together. …show more content…
The developing genre of music caught the attention of many Americans during the 1920s. It also brought Americans closer together. Jazz was born in New Orleans and began as a secular dance music that came from ragtime piano music, brass-band music, and the guitar, vocal, harmonic, barroom music called the blues (Murray). It was one of America’s first unique art forms that let African- American people express themselves and contributed to the energy that pulsed through Harlem during the 1920s (Pearson). The inspiration for jazz came mostly from the music, the feelings, and the history of blacks in America ("Harlem Renaissance: American Literature and Art”). Jazz music in the 1920s made things better the African- Americans in America.
The 1920s was known as the “Jazz Age” and was a very eventful period of time in America and was full of Hope and aspiration. Although good things came out of the 1920s there were also negative things. There was an increase of activity by the Klu Klux Klan organization. Whites were prejudice against African- Americans, Jews, Catholics, and immigrants. Americans had to deal with World War I and the Great Depression. They Also had to deal with a stock market crash toward the end of the decade

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